WPForms And Zapier Make Contact Form Leads Easy

We use different types of forms on our website that basically helps us communicating with our website visitors. But most of them do not allow us to collect data from users. There are several reasons involved behind this.

Most of the website form builder try to make the functionality simple and easy for users. Also, plugins like WPForms, Contact Form 7 and similar plugins people use for communication purpose, so plugins developers do not put the marketing features on it.

If you are searching features like lead collection from your contact form plugins, you can use addons like Zapier. It’s basically an excellent marketing extension for WPForms. You can collect all the WPForms data including attachment, text and other types of data using the Zaipier addons.

Using this addon, you can send your WPForms data to: 

*Create a Lead in Salesforce 

*Create invoices on FreshBooks 

*Create a contact in HubSpot 

*Send text messages using Twilio 

*Add a Google Contact 

*Make a task in Trello or Asana

*Add a customer in QuickBooks 

*Get a Slack Notification

Benefits of Using Zapier with WPForms Plugins

Zapier is specially built for the people who is willing to extend the features of WPForms. This will help you collecting data from contact forms and use them with various platforms like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Twilio and other marketing platforms. 

Additionally you can use store all the data on online data storage like Google Drive, drop box or similar platform. Obviously, this will help you utilizing your data in a proper way.

Automate Your Leads: If you want to automate your contact forms and generate leads from them, then Zapier can be a Swiss Army Knife for you. This helps people to collect data and use them in various way. This works with WPForms and help you to automate lead generation process.

This advanced addons has all the necessary features that can cope up with maximum marketing software. Data management system allows you to utilize all the data in a proper way.

When someone place a general inquiry to your website, you can drive it to the sales funnel and generate a lead easily. Even non-technical people can manage WPForm+Zapier to manage a lead funnel easily.

Backup All of Your Data: We generally collect all of our contact form data into our email. When someone submit the form, it comes in our email inbox. But our email inbox is full with lots of unnecessary emails. So, we do not find them when need.

Using Zapier can solve this issue for us. Most of the WordPress contact form plugins does not save data as this can make the database heavy. It will store all the contact form messages in a decent manner and we can use those data whenever we need.

Zapier helps to store data in different rows that you can use to analyze or compare. You can check the values and export them when necessary. This impact on marketing strategy for website owners.

Save & Export Data in Spreadsheet Format: Spreadsheet is a common way to store large volume of data and you can use them with various marketing tool like Mailchimp & Active Campaign. This two marketing tool can easily understand the format of spreadsheet.

When someone submit a form, it’s always confusing for marketing software to identify necessary data except email and phone number. If you can store all the necessary information in spreadsheet, obviously it will help on marketing.

You can export all the data in spreadsheet according to the row number. Later you can use them or store as backup. This method allows people to automate their contact method. 

WPForms & Zapier Integration: Integrating Zapier addons is super easy and you can maintain it with various marketing plugins. Form builder like Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, 123FormBuilder, Ninja Forms, PlanSo Forms for WordPress can be easily integrated with Zapier. 

You need to understand the triggers and follow the documentations to integrate Zapier with your contact form plugins. Also, strong technical support team can help you to perform proper integration on your website.

Download Zapier Addons

Final Words: To utilize all of your contact data, you can setup Zapier on your website. This lead management system will automate the lead generation process and impact on your marketing strategy.

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