Top 7 Google Product You Probably Didn’t Know

Google is a giant & popularly knowing company all over the world through internet service. If you are connected with WWW (World Wide Web), ), we are confirmed that know about Google. Because most of the internet user open their browser with Google Home Page. All important browser set Google as their homepage, thus most of the internet user start their browsing with Google. People often think Google only help them to get information online. But the true fact is, there have more than thirty products available that is categorized in seven different major categories. If you have started to read this informative post, don’t stop! Because we will add a short summary of all google product here.

Top 7 Google Product You Probably Didn’t Know

As a giant search engine, Google acquires more than sixty percent user who searches for information through the web. Google is a name of the trust to them and thus Google runs some necessary service for this vast audience. All of the service equally important to the user on that field. We will list all service name and short description for you. You probably using the same service from other company, but knowing about Google same service always insist you use Google product. Google divided their product into seven major categories, we also listing them category basis to assist you understanding them easily.

Top 7 Google Product You Probably Didn’t Know

Web Product : Google is popularly known for its web products. Web Search, Google Bookmark and Google Chrome – these products are under the “web product” category. Web Search is the identification of Google, this their major product. When someone talks about Google, they generally mean Google Web Search. Google changed the meaning of web search by dominating IT Sector. Now you can use the word “Googling” to mean – you are searching something through the internet.

Google Bookmark is a service by which you can save your favorite website to your google bookmark bar and you won’t lost it. Even you setup your computer. When you sign in on your Google Chrome, your browser will restore all of your saved website data. To get this marvelous facility, you need to use Google Chrome browser obviously.

Business Products : Google business products can be your best life changing weapon if you can use them properly. G suite, AdMob, and AdSense are the product that goes under the Google business product category. G suite is customized document management system that helps you to manage your business with ease and helps to track your business record.

Google Adsense is best internet marketing tool to spread your business online and there has a good opportunity to earn handsome money using AdSense service. AdMob is a similar program for programmer and developer. You can put an advertisement on your application through AdMob service. This will bring some money for you.

Google Media Product : This is another important google product you should use. Sharing your media or finding an exactly wanted media always important to spread your business. Sometimes you need sharing your media like photo, video and text through the internet. In this regard, you can use google image search, video search, News service, Google Photos, Google Cardboard or Google Book service. These all are stunning service operating by Google. Just take a look to them and you will find really helpful for you.

Google Geo Product: These are some good Google product you should know about them. This will make your life easier and comfortable for its ease of use. Google earth and Google map is such a service that helps you finding any address you are looking for. This also helps people finding your address easily and effectively. This service is generally known as citation service, you have to verify your postal address via Google PIN verification Service. After that, anyone can find you through Google map and earth service.

Specialized Search: Specialized Search is a service that is made for the advanced level user. If you are a good user of Google and trying to change your life using Google product, these are some best product you have to care properly. If you know, how to use custom search, scholar , trends and google flights service – you are among the best google user who gets priority from google always.

Home & Office Product: This can be your best Google product. If you start using these services, you will love them and they won’t let you go for their amazing functionality. Gmail is a service that is 2nd best service of Google. For using any type of Google service you must need a Gmail ID that will help you to get access to any Google product.

Google drive, Docs, Sheet, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Sites, Calander, Translate, and Hangouts are some good service that necessary in daily life. Among them google translate is best necessary service for anyone. Most of the people know their mother language, as this is the time of Globalization, you need to communicate with the people who do not know your language, even they do not know English as well. You can use google translate service then to communicate with them.

Social Product : Google Plus is a social platform of Google. Alike Facebook and Twitter – Google Plus is a social platform maintained by Google. You can create your social profile on Google Plus and this will open an era to meet new people, communicate with friends and maintaining public and private group as like real life. So this is a good advantage for socially active people.

Blogger, Groups, and Spaces are some important social service maintained by Google. Blogger is a platform that gives lots of access to share your all media together. You can publish text, image, audio, video any type of media in blogger platform to share your thought and idea. This helps to get more engagement on your social platform. Google always like social active people as they built a strong community and take part to change the society. If you are using Google product in your community this enriches the power of Google.

Wrapping It Up: In a nutshell, if you know about these awesome tools maintained by Google, you can improve your Googling power. And this will assist you a lot to make your tech life easier and comfortable. You can spread your business all over the world with a lot of ease. Maintaining your life would be easier if you understand these awesome features and integrate into your daily life. You can read more from Wikipedia to know more.

Google always improve their product and try to make them more user-friendly. Joining to any organization always empower them and insist them to increase their quality and functionality as well. So, read this post carefully about Google Products and pick your necessary service to make your life easier and comfortable.

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