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What Is The Difference Between City and Country Life?

People provide different opinion while choosing to live in the city or countryside. Both come up with different advantages and drawbacks as well.

Dense population, air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, and stressful life are some common scenario in city life.

Does this mean living in the countryside more heavenly?

What is Rural or Countryside Living?

A rural or countryside living is popularly known as village life. A village is a community of a clustered human settlement that is smaller than a town but larger than a hamlet.

Basically, a village is a natural growth of a human community, where people lives generation after generation. 

village life advantages

Daily Life Heavenly Scenario of Village Life

Thus the base of rural life is strong and powerful. Most of the people love living in the countryside for it’s a slower pace of life and pleasant environment.

A famous English poet William Cowper mentioned country life is the place for God living, in his poem The Task -  published in 1785.

The town is man's world, but this (country life) is of God.- line 16
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