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How to Edit Footer Copyright Text In Any WordPress Theme

How to Edit Footer Copyright Text In Any WordPress Theme

Removing WordPress footer credit is not a hard task. But you need to understand some basic steps that will help you removing footer credit from your WordPress Website. If you follow this step by step guide to learn to remove WordPress footer credit, hope you are going to learn each & everything about removing footer credit. If you follow this video, you will learn how to edit WordPress theme files as well. Though you need little coding, it’s more than simple than making a cup of tea. So let’s watch this fabulous video tutorial to remove footer copyright text from your WordPress website. Continue reading


How to Remove Comments From Your WordPress Site Completely

If you are a webmaster, you must know how marketing guys make non-sense comment on your website almost everyday!

This is really annoying and alarming issue that every webmaster wants to avoid. Of course, you love to get appreciation from your readers & help them as well. 

But getting non-sense comments on your blog post make it worthless and other readers also feel uncomfortable to read those comments. 

If you are a sufferer like me & searching a way to prevent non-sense marketers to comment on your website, you are in the right place to learn how to stop comments on your WordPress Blog or Website?

How to Disable Leave a Reply or Comments form WordPress Pages & Posts?

Well, there are multiple possible ways that might help you removing comments from your WordPress blog. In this post, I am going to discuss all possible ways to stop commenting system from your WordPress blog.

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