How to Start a Personal Travel Blog – Step by Step Guide for Beginners 2020

Traveling is something you can enjoy your life and make money together. To start a travel blog, you don't need to become a professional web developer or designer. Following out step-by-step guide anyone can Start a Travel Blog effectively. 

You don't need to learn any programming or coding to make your first travel website in WordPress. It's super easy register a travel website and organize your travel stories. All you need to do is drag-n-drop your website elements and decorate them in a decent manner.


How to Create a Travel Blog with WordPress?

WordPress is a popular CMS (Content Management System) that you can use to develop any type of website effectively. You just need to use different themes to bring different look on your website. I use Bridge multi-purpose WordPress theme that has more than 400+ designs available.

Using this excellent WordPress theme, you can develop all possible websites for you and your company. You just need to choose the right design for your website and import demo content on your website.

Steps to Make a Travel Blog as a Beginner

Step 1: Register domain & hosting for your website. Domain is the name of your website and hosting contains all the media files including Image, Audio, Video, Text, PDF and other files.

To register domain & hosting I prefer Name Cheap as they offer best affordable price domain and hosting for personal and business use. They offer SSD Hosting that is super fast and their cPanel is completely user-friendly.

Register Domain & Hosting

Step 2: Install WordPress on your website hosting. When you register domain and hosting, you will receive an email from the domain-hosting provider. Use the login credentials to login on your hosting. Using the WordPress installer, install WordPress on your website.

install wordpress

WordPress is the popular content management system that help users to edit and update his website visually. You don't need any coding to update your website. WordPress content updating system is user-friendly and easy to customize.

Step 3: Install Bridge Multi-purpose WordPress theme on your website. Bridge theme admin area comes with drag-drop customization system. Also, this theme has 430+ demo design that you can use on your other web development project.

Download Bridge Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Step 4: Import demo content on your website. Bridge theme comes with demo import option that you will find on your Website dashboard. Use the option to import demo content on your website. We are using Demo 61 - Travel Blog demo to build our travel blog.

Demo import process needs little time. You need to wait patiently until the demo content got imported on your website. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for completing the process.

demo import option

Step 5: Update demo content with your original content. You need to check all the dashboard features and functionalities to update all the content of your website. You can update the posts from the Posts>All of your dashboard.

To update any page content, click on the edit button at the top of that page and start editing. When you will hover on an element, it will display a small pencil icon that you can use to edit and update content of the element.

Disclosure: We are affiliated with several hosting provider, WordPress Theme Developer & plugins developers. We may earn commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product at no extra cost to you!.
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