How to Start a Delivery Service Website in WordPress from Scratch

I often get the question through the contact form & comment section of my website that How do I start a Delivery Service Website in WordPress?. ​​​​​​​

Nowadays people place a massive number of online order on different stores that they need to delivery immediately. Especially, Food shop owners are much worried about the delivery that sometimes impact negatively.

Taking advantage from this opportunity, people start delivery service and make delivery service website as well. If you are one of the delivery agency owner and trying to start your online delivery service website, here is everything you can follow.

5 Steps to Start a Delivery Service Website in WordPress

  • Step 1: Register Domain & Hosting
  • Step 2: Install WordPress Content management System
  • Step 3: Install Delivery Service WordPress Theme
  • Step 4: Import Demo Content on Your Website
  • Step 5: Edit Dummy Content & Update with Original Content


Step 1: Register Domain & Hosting for Delivery Service Website:

To start a delivery service website, you need domain & hosting at the primary stage. Domain is the name of your website like FoodPanda.com & the hosting is the storage system that contain all of your website data.

You will find various domain & hosting registrar available in the market that helps to register domain & hosting. In this tutorial, I'm using Bluehost.com service for it's affordable packages & super fast server speed.

start with bluehost

Click the get started button and choose the perfect plan suits for you. This will take you to the next page & allow you registering a free domain name if you choose annual hosting plan.

Once you find the right domain name, you will taken to the next page where you will need to provide all of your information to register your Bluehost account. All of your services including domain & hosting will be listed under this account.

You can manage your website by login to your Bluehost account. Also, you can install the WordPress from this user account option. When you complete the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email.

bluehost domain verify

You can also follow this video tutorial guide on How to Register Domain & Hosting on Bluehost?. This will help you setup WordPress on any platform or hosting interface effectively.

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Step 2: Install WordPress Content Management System

Installing WordPress CMS will create the environment to create your delivery service website just doing drag-drop. You will find WordPress Installer option under Bluehost cPanel that allows you installing WordPress effortlessly.

You can also watch the video guide on How to Install WordPress on Different Platforms?. This will help you learning everything effectively & install WordPress in just 2 minutes.

Install WordPress on WordPress

Step 3: Install Delivery Service WordPress Theme

Our next step is installing delivery service WordPress theme on the website. We are using Bridge WordPress Theme that you can download from the given link below.

Download Bridge WordPress Theme

We are using New Demo 242 - Delivery demo to setup our website. You will learn everything step by step following below video tutorial.

You will find more Delivery Service WordPress Theme List here.

Step 4: Import Demo Content on Your Website

Demo content is one kind of preset content that you can import using the Qode Import option. It take only 10 minutes to populate your website with dummy contents.

But importing demo content is sensitive process as well. If you use unstable internet connection, it can hamper on your demo data import process. So, I recommend you to double check and ensure a high-speed internet connection.

This will help you to import and decorate your delivery service website effortlessly.

Step 5: Edit Dummy Content & Update with Original Content

At this stage, you have to edit all the dummy content and update them with your original content. I demonstrated everything from scratch in the video. You should follow the video customization section to learn how to edit dummy content & update the original content.

Hire a Developer

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    Muhibul Haque - September 12, 2019

    Yes, We accept guest post on our website. But it should be related to web design & development or something that helps our reader.

Sukarno - September 14, 2019

Demo import section didn’t work for me, It took a long time, but nothing happened!

    Muhibul Haque - September 14, 2019

    You should wait until the process completes. Sometimes it takes 10 more minutes to complete the process depending on the slow internet connection.


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