Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers

Using the polls on your website always adds extra advantage to reduce bounce rate of your website. High bounce rate of a website impact on website SEO negatively. Thus using a poll can save your site from any type of negative impression on search engines.

Beside that there are lots of advantages available of adding polls on a website. But adding the poll with proper functionality is required. If you can’t make the poll engaging, it will not help you anymore. Thus, I decided to discuss a plugin called “WPForms + Surveys & Polls“.

This plugins with poll extension will save your time to add advanced polls on your website effectively. You don’t even need to learn any programming to add vastly functional polls on your website. Using the WPForms plugins and the extension you can easily set conditional logical forms on your website.

How to Add Multidimensional Polls on a WordPress Website?

You will find lots of poll plugins that will help you adding polls on your website. But here we bring a great plugins called WPForms that helps people to add polls on their website easily. When you activate the plugins on your website, it will activate some features for you.

But polls option does not come with the plugins by default. You need to activate the “Surveys & Polls” extension for activating the feature on your website. You can easily then make various types of polls on your website. It will take only few minutes to setup polls on your website.

Using the conditional logics you setup advanced, multi-step and multi-dimensional polls on your website. You need to analyze the features of this plugins to ensure best use of your plugin. You will get a detailed documentation from the developer and lots of videos online about setting up WPForm polls.

Following these step by step guides, you can easily setup multiple polls on your website. Also you can display previous poll results on your website effectively.

Benefits of Using WPForms Surveys and Polls Plugins on Your Website

WPForms Pro plugins comes with Surveys and Polls extension that ensure some advanced functionalities on a website. Here are some advantages with will force you to use this excellent plugins on your website.

Customizable Visual Reports on Your Website: Using the plugins you can organize the poll report more conveniently. The visualization is more unique and effective if you use it properly. It’s advanced functionalities will help you setting up report conveniently. Everything you can setup from the dashboard.

This will help you maintaining all the functions effectively on your website. For previous polls or new polls, you can set parameters to display polls. Depending on your conditional logic, people will able to see the poll results.

Retroactively Enable Survey Reports on Older Forms: WPForms Surveys and Polls plugins can enable older forms data retroactively. This will help not answering same question to the same user. They don’t need to answer same question twice if you use the smart survey field on your polls.

This will save time and reduce work on creating effective polling system on your website. Simply edit any existing form and enable Survey Reporting from the settings tab.


Real-time Polls Report: Using this plugins you can enable real time poll report on your website. It will help you engaging more people on your website effectively. They don’t need to wait for long time to see the poll result. Real-time data updating will help you displaying result really quick.

Export or Share Individual Charts: You can share or export any chart if you need. This helps to share data or compare with another data whenever you need. Sometimes we delete previous polls, but need to keep a record of that poll. Using this poll plugins, you can easily keep track record of your poll result. It will impact on effective analysis of your website data.

Final Words: Using the Polls & Survey Extension of WPForms will add multiple advantage on your website if you can use it properly. I’ve already discussed few possible advantages that will help you understanding the benefits of this excellent plugins.

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