Simple Email Marketing [Mailchimp and WPForms]

Email marketing is a popular and effective way for internet marketers who wants to sell their product online. Among all popular email marketing platforms, Mailchimp is listed on the top. Using this platform anyone can notify their audience about new products, news and updates.

WPForms allows you to maintain everything from your WordPress dashboard without login on your Mailchimp account. This is obviously a huge advantage from Mailchimp users. Using an extension you can easily do this.

Benefits of Using Mailchimp WPForms Extension on Your Website

Time Management: If you are already familiar with Mailchimp email marketing platform, you know how often you need to login on your dashboard. Using this platform you can easily maintain all the features of Mailchimp from your WordPress dashboard. Obviously, this will save some time of login on your Mailchimp account separately.

Track Everything From One Place: Using this method you can monitor everything from one place and that’s your WordPress dashboard. It will just create a dashboard option that will help you creating and maintain all the features of your Mailchimp account. You can easily track all the update and features from same place.

You don’t need to get bothered of tracking your reports from another panel. Following this way, you can easily take immediate action on your marketing plan. Thus this tool will help you on your email marketing in an effective way.

Set Notification for Any Kind of Action: You can set notification method for any kind of action happens with your Mailchimp email list. This will help you getting quick notification on your admin email address. Also, you can send preset notifications to your subscribers as well. All the Mailchimp important features you can use with this WordPress plugins which is really a great advantage.


Configure Subscription Confirmation: Using this plugins, you can also set custom confirmation message for your audiences when they subscribe on your email list. This will ensure better email marketing for your company. Also, this feature you can maintain from your WordPress dashboard. It will impact on your email list building for sure. In confirmation email you can send further instruction to them.


Insert Subscription From on Your Website: Integration of subscription from on your website is much easier using this method. Because, this will help you inserting the forms just in few clicks. You just need to select the form type and do some essential settings. That will activate the form on your website. You do not need to do any kind of coding this ways. 

GDPR Agreement: If you want to setup GDPR agreement, you can simply do this when you setup your form on your website. WPForms allows you to create GDPR complaint forms that explicitly provide an clearance to collect sensitive data of them. This is a crucial part of email marketing. So you can easily set up GDPR agreement from your form setting.

Email List Building Automation: When you create an email list on your WordPress dashboard, it will also be accessible from your Mailchimp dashboard. So, all the email you collect will be stored on your Mailchimp. But you can maintain the list both from your WordPress and your Mailchimp as well. Obviously, this is a great advantage for website owners.

Others Email Marketing Platform Integration: Using WPForms Email Marketing Extension, you can integrate other email marketing platforms as well. If you want to integrate Aweber, GetResponse and Jaiper, you can easily do this using this excellent extension. You just need to select the platform and do essential setup for your email marketing platform. This will help you working with those platforms effectively.

Final Thoughts: Following the method, you can easily automate your email marketing method. It will impact on your website marketing plan and help you growing email list and ensure sales for your company. Thus I recommend checking WPForms Websites.

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