5 of the Best Survey Software (Compared)

Survey and polls are common thing to modern people to judge something in a smart way! Surprisingly, you can add a survey and poll system on your WordPress website using survey software or plugins.

But the fact is adding a survey or poll in a website is not easy for many reason. You won't find available free plugins that allows you maximum customization. Thus, I decided to talk on this topic and listed the best survey software's here.

Following this list, you can find the best survey software for your website and setup it easily. A plugins like WPForms allows you to create flexible dynamic forms effectively without learning any coding or programming. So, lets dive into the list.

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Google’s ReCaptcha? Check Out The Popular Alternative: hCaptcha

Searching a better alternative of Google ReCaptch?

Here I bring hCaptcha for you which I discovered last week and added on my website to prevent spam activity on my website. This excellent captcha system is absolutely free and you can set difficulty level depending on your requirement.

You can set 4 type of difficulties: Easy, Moderate, Difficult and Always On mode while setting up this recapctha system on your website. All of them has unique functionalities and allows you to protect spam activities on your website. 

In this post, I will discuss why hCaptcha is the best alternative of Google Recaptch?

What is The Best Alternative of Google Recaptcha in 2021?

You will find lots of captcha system that helps you to prevent unnecessary or spam comment on your website. But most of them are not free and few of them are complex to setup. So, I decided to post a review about hCaptcha that I found as best alternative of Google Recaptcha for free.

It's super easy to install on any WordPress website and you can set the difficulty level easily. I already said, It has 4 different difficulty level which ensure best use of captcha system on your website.

Using the hCaptcha system, you can make custom captcha system that surely prevent spamming on your website. Because, solving this type of custom captcha is hard for any kind of bot or robot.

Check hCaptcha Features

You can easily integrate hCaptcha with popular plugins like WPForms. This will help you to collect data more securely from your users. Anyone wants to submit form, he will need to solve the captcha first. You can set different captcha for different form or page.

Features of hCaptcha Captcha Management

hCaptcha has some excellent features that you will not find on other captcha manamgent system. Though some features are bonded for enterprise solution, but you can use most of the features as publisher user. You just need to register an account on hCaptcha website and follow the instructions to setup the captcha system on your website. 

Difficulty Level: The 1st feature I really liked about hCaptcha is you can set your own difficulty level depending on your need. If your website is reciving a massive number of spam comment, you can increase the difficulty level as you want.

  • Easy: If you set this level captcha on your website, your website visitor will experience nearly no captcha on your website. If their behaviour is good, they can easily pass the captcha or it will not appear maximum time. But this will automatically prevent bot access on your website.
  • Moderate: This version is ensure more security from spam attack on your website. If you use moderate security on your website, it will display more captcha than the easy version.
  • Difficult: Passing this layer of security is nearly impossible for spammer, if you install this option on your website. This prevent auto-pass system and allow to block bots effectively.
  • Always On: If you enable this option, it will never auto-pass any user from your website. It will provide complex captcha and challenges for users to protect bot attack.

Free for Publishers: The main reason, I picked hCaptcha instead of Google ReCaptcha is it's free for publishers. The size is not matter, you can use it on your website. But if you want the enterprise version, you need to contact with the developer or you can request a quote.

Anti-bot Protection: World class anti-bot protection helps to keep the hCaptcha ( Human Captcha ) system anywhere of the world. It can easily identify anti-bots and force user to use the hCaptcha before they take any action on your website. Both you can use on your website pages and different forms as well.

Country Restriction: There is no country restriction on this captcha system. This works on any country over the world. So, you can use this captcha system with any kind of website, even with the country specific domain.

Advanced Reporting Features: Advanced reporting feature allows admin to get detailed report from the website. It helps to take necessary steps and prevent any kind of hack activity as well.

Final Words: Here I discussed about some cool features of hCaptcha system. You can check the website for more details and use on your website, if you found it helpful.

How To Solve “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance Check back in a minute” Issue WordPress?

I often get a question from our reader that how they can solve the error – Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance Check back in a minute? Recently, I was updating my website plugins and experienced the issue as well. So, I decided to make a step by step guide video, so you can easily fix the issue – Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance Check back in a minute. This video will help you easily remove the error from your website. You have to find the .maintenance file and remove that to fix the issue. Sometimes this happens for slow internet connection or bad requests. Though the issue is not complex to fix, but you need to know the way. This will easily help you to fix the error from your website. Solve briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance check back in a minute. Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. check back in a minute. Hostinger woocommerce update briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance check back in a minute. Local flywheel briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance check back in a minute. Bitnami briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. check back in a minute. WordPress stuck in maintenance mode, there has been a critical error on your website. Another update is currently in progress.

How to Start a Pickup and Delivery Service Website in WordPress?

I created a step by step guide last year that How to Start a Delivery Service Website in WordPress?

That tutorial was tremendously appreciated by our readers. Also, we’ve got lots of questions on how to Register Merchant Account, Delivery Person Account? 

In fact, you guys want to know, how to create a complete pickup and delivery service website in WordPress?

So, we worked on it and created a step by step guide that will help you starting a Courier Service & Delivery Service Management Website effectively. If we skip any step, please let us know, we will try to provide solution for you as well. 

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How to Auto Increment Serial Numbers of Custom Post Using the ACF & Elementor

In Elementor archive template, you can not run the loop again. Because, they already have the loop. Recently, I was trying to add auto-increment system on an archive page, but that did not work. 

I did some research and couldn’t find any solution to Add Auto Increment System for Custom Posts. I wanted to add Serial Number with all the custom post like the below video.

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How to Start a Modern Design Business Website with Minimal Free WordPress Theme?

If you are a business owner and searching a modern design WordPress theme for free, you can check the GetWid Base theme features. This excellent theme comes with all helpful features to develop your minimal design WordPress website.

You can download the theme from WordPress directory for free and use on your website. It’s a free theme by MotoPress Team.

Onea WordPress Theme

I’ve recently discovered the theme and used on my project that helped me to know all the features of this excellent WordPress theme. This theme comes with GetWid Free Plugins that allows you implementing more features on your website.

How to Start a Minimal Design WordPress Website with Free Theme?

If you are complete beginner and searching a possible way to develop your free website, you can check the video tutorial that I made for newbies. It will help you knowing each and every feature of the theme.

Also, you can learn how to change the Logo, Menu Items, Home Page Elements and More. 

To purchase domain & hosting, I prefer using Bluehost. You can also, check their features and functionalities. You can follow the video guideline to create your #modern_design_wordpress_website as well.

If you experience any difficulties on creating your website, you can contact us.

Why Elementor is Best Visual Editing System for WordPress?

Most of the WordPress users are familiar with Elementor Visual Editor for it’s advanced features and functionalities. This comes with lots of pre-built features that allows people to make website just doing drag-drop.

Comparing with other builders, Elementor is superior for it’s features. People use some other builders like Divi, Visual Composer and Thrive Builder. But Elementor ensure best editing system for it’s customers.

Why Elementor is Best for Beginners?

  • Easy to Manage
  • Newbie Friendly
  • 100% Responsive Blocks
  • Easy to Customize
  • Free Version is Enough to Work
  • Tons of Paid or Pro Features
  • Expert Developer Team
  • Competitive Price
  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive
Elementor Download