How To Optimize Your WordPress Database To Increase DB Speed

How To Optimize Your WordPress Database To Increase DB Speed

A database in a sensible web element that you have to maintain carefully. A database always ensures the security & performance of your website. More lighter database you will use, your website will load as faster. So people always try to make their WordPress database lighter & secure. To protect hacking attempt & increase the security of your database, you should follow this step by step video tutorial. This video made by Katrinah that will help you understanding Database basics from scratch. Optimizing database speed always helps load your website faster & decrease the bounce rate that is a necessary thing for great user experience. A search engine also prefers low bounce rate on any website.

If you can optimize your WordPress website database, this will help your reader to experience a faster website. They can open your website to their browser in less than two second or near around this time. Watch this step by step video tutorial properly to learn the process effectively.

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