What are Some Essential ON Page SEO Steps for WordPress Website?

Giant search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo constantly changing their algorithm to display best possible information in front of their users.

If you search the term “ON Page SEO Steps” on search engines, you will find many different results appearing at the same window. I've visited most of those to learn & implement on my website to improve my site SEO score.

But astonishingly I discovered most of them are listing similar things that are very common on the web.

We often listen ON Page SEO can bring good SERP ( Search Engine Result Position ) for a website. But what points we should take care and how we can properly optimize the website, no one reveals that secrets.


I made a checklist for mine that I follow as Best ON Page SEO Steps for my website that I am listing here. Hope this will help you to properly optimize your website as well.

ON Page SEO Steps That You Should Fix on Your WordPress Website

Make Sure You don't have Any noindex Tag on Your Website:

Suppose, you have done everything with lots of hard work. But after few months you've just noticed, your website was not indexed just because you added "NoIndex" tag on your website header!

This often happens to people who are new at web development or internet marketing. Knowingly or unknowingly people make mistake discourage their search engine bots to index their website.

discourage search engine

If you are WordPress user, you should learn the proper use of above discourage option and ensure proper use of this option.

Otherwise, this will spoil all of your hard work and valuable time by de-indexing your website from search engines.

Add Proper Title Tag on Your Website:

Title of your website is crucial and it can make huge difference on your SEO. If you don't properly optimize the title of your website, this will impact negatively.

Adding the targeted keyword on the page or post title ensure best ranking for those keywords. Make sure you added the keyword on your page title in a creative way.

Don't make it too long or too short! Most of the search engine experts suggest to keep it in between 50 to 70 characters. Place your keyword at the earlier part of the title if possible.

  • Not More Than 70 Character
  • Keep the Title Catchy & Meaningful
  • Ensure no grammar and spelling mistake
  • Easy Understandable For Your Readers
  • Ensure Keyword Listed On The Title

Add Meaningful Meta Description:

Meta description is another crucial SEO step that you have to optimize properly. You should keep the description simple, but meaningful and effective for readers. Put the best value on meta description, so people find it effective for them.

seo description

This will increase the CRT of your website on SERP pages & helps you will getting maximum number of traffic on your website. You can add your keyword twice or thrice with variation. Don't put same keyword multiple time in the meta description.

  • Must be Less Than 140 Characters
  • Use of Meaningful Sentences
  • Grammar and spelling must be clean
  • Write Meta That can Attract Visitors

Proper Use of Headings:

Heading tag helps search engine crawlers to identify your website keywords. We have six different heading type that help us setting priority of headings. Most of the expert suggest to use H2 heading at least once.

I generally use H2, H3 & H4 on my contents. Also, I use bold, italic & underline options to optimize my website contents for search engines. The recommend fact is you must add your keywords on the heading. Also, You make them bold, italic & sometimes use underline option to highlight.

  • Use proper heading - H1 to H6
  • Add keyword on the heading
  • Using multiple sub-heading recommended

LSI / Synonyms:

We all know, LSI keywords are helpful for keyword ranking in search engine. Without using the same keyword again and again, you can use LSI keywords by spinning them or using synonyms. This will be effective and helpful.

LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords Example

For example, if your keyword is "WordpPress Tutorial", some of your LSI keywords can be:

Social Sharing Buttons:

Adding social sharing button on your website helps gaining some social signal that helps to increase domain authority. This is also effective for people who wants quick traffic on their website.

Using social buttons on your website, you can easily share your website and start getting traffic to your website. This way you get some high quality back links from the social network.

social sharing button

Social signal helps both increasing your DA, PA & ranking your post as well. So, you must add social sharing button on your website & share each post you post on your website.

Outbound Links:

When you are posting on your website, the purpose should be helping people. Not just making money or marketing. Adding helpful resources on your post can make it more effective for your readers.

Cover up each and every single point is hard and sometimes impossible. So, include helpful outbound links on your website. This will help your readers and you can minimize your hard work at the same time!.

People often ask, how do I link an external link in my post?

Well, you should maintain a ratio while linking other domain or websites. I add Dofollow links to high authority websites. Because they always provide best information that I can trust.

When you are linking your competitors or adding an affiliate link as an external link, you should make those links Nofollow.

Internal Linking:

Interlinking your existing posts & pages have huge positive effect that will help you reducing bounce rate of your website. Also, help your readers to learn everything step by step.

If you have service pages, you can effectively offer them many different services. This is a proven method to convert your readers into the customer. Also, this method impacts on SEO.

Website Speed:

Website speed is a most important ranking factor among the top 200 ranking factor. So you have to ensure your website speed below 2 seconds. Without good page speed and loading time, it’s impossible to achieve ranking on the first page.

  • Your Website Should Load Under 2 Seconds
  • Sub-Pages Also Should Load Under 2 Seconds

XML Sitemap:

Google can crawl your website effectively if you submit your sitemap to the webmaster. Submitting XML sitemap is one of the most important tasks among the primary tasks. After completing the back end tasks, your first duty is to submit XML sitemap.

  • Helps in Google Crawl
  • Necessary Part of Any Website

Schema Markup:

Schema markup is becoming important in many aspects. Using Schema, you can easily get a rich snippet. Also, you can get links from a schema with a star rating. More things you can do with the schema. Schema markup you can easily complete using schema markup plugins.

  • Use Appropriate Type of Markup. e.g., Review, Car Dealership, Book, etc
  • Depends on Type of Pages

High Quality Images:

We everyone use images on our website. But how much they can fulfill the requirements of visitors? The image must be helpful and copyright-free. You must use image alt tag.

Learn how to download high quality images for free?

  • Make Sure Images Are Helpful
  • Do You Own The Images?
  • Proper Size in Pixels
  • Proper Size in File Size
  • Alt tags should properly describe the images

URL / Permalink:

URL structure is most important thing for search engine ranking. URL structure should be easily readable and remove unwanted elements from URL. Your readers should easily understand what is the site about, by watching the URL only. Removing the stop words from URL will be an intelligent work.

  • Does URL Make Sense?
  • Proper Spelling and Grammar
  • Don’t use words like, “a” “or” “and.”
  • URL Should Be Clean Like http://www.example.com/my-website, not http://www.example.com/?p=876


Your website should be visible in any device. Responsive design impact on massive user experience. For better user experience, you have to take care of your website responsiveness. Before you live your website, you should browse your website from all types of devices.

So, your website visitors never experience negative issue on their mobile, tab or other similar devices. Responsive design is a crucial ranking factor for website. You will find many different tools online that helps to fix responsiveness problem.

Render Blocking Resources:

Sometimes we notice, javascript does not allow robots to crawl. Those pages robots can’t index. When you are using javascript, you have to check the codes are being rendered or not? Using Firefox and Google Chrome developer tools, you can easily check javascript rendering.

  • Make Sure JS and CSS Not Loading Before DOM
  • Make Sure Allowed In Robots.txt
  • Use Chrome or Firefox Dev Tools

Install SSL Crtificate / HTTPS:

Using SSL increase the trust of website traffics. So you should use SSL on your website. After installing SSL, you have to ensure that the SSL is working fine. Otherwise, this can impact negatively.

If your SSL does not work properly, you can check this tutorial to learn how to fix SSL certificate not working on your website?

SSL certificate ensure security of sensitive user information and prevent hacking attempts on your website. All the popular hosting provider nowadays provide free SSL certificate included with their plans.


Most of the SEO specialist think AMP is important for search engine ranking. Whether it's important now or not, AMP will be an essential ranking fact soon; it’s nevertheless to say. You have to check AMP is installed correctly or not. Optimize it properly to get the highest benefit.

google amp

Anchor Text:

Optimizing the keywords inside your website is important. Over optimization of keywords can bring keyword staffing problem. So you have to understand it properly and optimize the anchor text carefully.

Especially, when you are writing long post, you should interlink all the helpful posts and create some outbound posts as well.

  • Beware of Over Optimization
  • Should Be Helpful Cue
  • Contains Keywords If Possible

Site Structure:

Fix the site structure considering different types of the visitor on your website. Keep in mind, the taste of different people are different. You need to analyze pages to improve structures.

This will help you increasing good user-experience on your website. Try to keep your website simple & engaging. So, people understand everything and can navigate your website properly. 


Keep an eye on advertisement section of your website and place them at a tolerable level. You have to place the advertisements where people notice it and don’t affect on website content. Keep your eyes open, so that ads size can’t impact negatively on your website loading speed.


Nevertheless to say, you must allow access to robots on your website using robot.txt, and you have to allow the accessibility before the site is live. You have to block the robots from accessing your admin page. But it should be accessible on all important pages. You should be considerate of not blocking any CSS or Javascript from robot.txt.

  • Block Admin Pages
  • Allow Robots To Crawl Important Pages
  • Don’t Block CSS or JavaScript


To ensure best security for your WordPress website, you need to know proper use of your Htaccess file. This will help you preventing harm activities on your website and ensure proper security as well.

I deny hackers to get access on major WordPress Directories from the .htaccess file. Before you start editing your htaccess file, make sure you know everything about htaccess file editing. Because, this cause serious website damage if you can't add proper code.

Modifiers In Title And Description:

This is an untold tricks that works for me. List type post like "Top 10 Product" or list of year best products attracts people a lot. So, you can add modifiers on your post title to get good SEO value.

You should analyze the scope and include modifiers on your post. This basically converts your keyword to a long tail keyword & helps to rank your keyword easily.

For example, if I have two different keywords to choose in between 

  • Best food delivery wordpress theme &
  • Top 10 Food Delivery Themes 2019

I would choose "Top 10 Food Delivery Themes 2019" to narrow down my competitors. Because, there will be a very few number of people will work on this keyword. 

  • Use Modifiers Like Top, Best, And & 2019
  • Score Long Tail Keywords

Keyword Density:

Don't use your keyword too many times. Try to avoid density of keywords and keep variation on your keyword implementation. Using the LSI keywords is a good option to avoid keyword density.

You must avoid keyword density. Using an excessive amount of keywords is harmful. Use keywords in the first paragraph. You should use keywords naturally.

Word Count:

Article length is not a big ranking factor, but this impact on ON Page SEO. Also, this helps to increase page authority of your website. Recent research shows, people loves to read long articles only if they finds value on it.

Try to provide best value on your content, don't only count words. 

Article length is an important issue for ranking a keyword. Make your article long and try to answer all types of the query in your article.

Bounce Rate and Dwell Time:

Bounce rate is always important that you should care on your website. High bounce rate is bad for a website. So try to keep the bounce rate low and thus your website content should be interesting. It helps to hold traffic on your website. Internal linking and similar posts also help to decrease bounce rate.

  • Keep Visitors On Your Site As Long As Possible
  • Use Tricks Like “Similar Posts”

Encourage Engagement:

If you can engage your visitors in your website, this will be helpful, and Google gives priority to it. You should encourage your visitors to comment or like or up vote on your posts. The search engine gives priority to it.

When you get positive response from your audience, you should treat them positively. This also helps your audiences converting into the customers.

Content Freshness:

Clearness, simplicity & resourceful content helps you getting much engagement than a thin content. You should keep your content fresh and easily to navigate. When you setting up your website, consider the freshness of the content.

Navigation system on your website should be easy accessible. So, people can find anything they want. You can use multiple navigation system or menu on your website to help your readers.

Privacy Policy:

Privacy policy helps your readers to know your limitation and special terms of using your website. If you are collective any confidential data, you should mention this on your privacy policy page.

You can tell them you are collecting their information to help them, to notify them new posts or research purpose. This will keep the relation transparent between you and your audiences.

Google loves this type of privacy notice on website. Also, this helps on your website ranking on search engines.

Server Optimization:

Optimizing the server is an advanced trick that very few experts reveals. I already discussed about the htaccess file that helps you optimizing server. Also, you will find some plugins that might help you optimizing server.

Choosing a good hosting helps to get best performance from the server side. You can check best hosting list to find best hosting for you.

You should create 404 page, install SSL certificate and take all necessary steps to prevent unwanted harmful activities on your website.

  • Check For 404's and Other Errors
  • Install SSL certificate
  • Check For Malware
  • Security Check or Scanning

Setup Google Search Console & Analytics:

Google search console and analytics are two essential tools for webmasters. This helps you nurture your website effectively and know all the moves - both positive & negative.

If your website gets any serious error or need any modification, you will find this error message on your search console. So, setup search console and analytics to get SEO value for your website.

Final Word: You should check these SEO steps when you setup a new WordPress website. This will help you ranking your website really quick and reduce all hard work. 

Disclosure: We are affiliated with several hosting provider, WordPress Theme Developer & plugins developers. We may earn commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product at no extra cost to you!.
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