How To Limit Post or Page Revisions on WordPress 2019

How To Limit Post or Page Revisions on WordPress 2019

WordPress post or page revisions gives us some advantage, but this also kills our hosting space as well. Whatever we change or update on our page or post, WordPress saves a full copy of our post again. The number of revisions increases the curve of heartbeat increases as well.Your heartbeat reaches the peak when you have lots of revisions already saved & you need to update your post again. In this tutorial, you will learn how to limit post or page revisions. You need a useful plugin called ” Revision Control ” or you can use ” Wp Revisions Control ” as well.

Revision Control Plugin helps to control revisions in WordPress & WP revisions Control plugin will help you controlling revisions as well as disable the feature. If you leave blank, you will not see revision feature on your page or post. So you can pick anyone between this two plugin to disable revision system from your website.

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