How to Limit Login Attempts in WordPress

Why & How to Limit Login Attempts in WordPress

Setting login limit is a very basic protection system to avoid hacking. Hackers generally guess your password and try to use them often. They make a list of basic passwords people generally use and then they set a robot to test all of them. Any basic password you set like abcdef, 12345 or a1b2c3 – They have details list. So you should set login limits to protect their first attempt. This will protect your site by setting a time limit for login again and destroy their activity and few plugins block their IP as well.

Few people think, I am making my website to help other people. So no one going to hack my website! but trust me! hacker are not a kind-hearted person and they do not hack manually. They set a robot to collect your login information and most of the hacking robot destroy your site index file when they get your access. So you should stay careful always to avoid any kind of negative consequences.  Watch the video to learn the process how to stop login attempts or how to set login limit and why should you do this.

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