How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks

Knowing the email open rate and link click rate of your sent email always helps you to increase conversion rate on email marketing. And good news is, If you send the email from your WordPress dashboard, you can track it using the WP SMTP plugins.

On a recent update, WP SMTP plugins released this latest feature that will help you knowing the link open rate and click rate from your dashboard. Using the plugins option you can easily know these information on your website.

You don’t need to use any 3rd party email marketing service to track your email conversion rate if you use the WP SMTP plugins. It will help you understanding all the conversion factors effectively. You can use different templates and check the link click and open rate.

There are few more benefits of this excellent plugins that we listed below.

What Are Some Common Use of WP SMTP Plugins?

Track Email Opens and Clicks Rates: This is a latest feature that will reduce your hard work to check conversion rate on your email marketing. You can easily identify unopened links on your sent email and you can easily check it from dashboard. You can export the details and use for email optimization.

You can use these data on effective email marketing. Also, this will help you collecting necessary user details on your marketing technique. You can rearrange the marketing plan using these logs.


If you send the email using this excellent tools, you can analyze all the details from your dashboard. Also, you can check the email or delete the log from your dashboard as well.

Using Different Mailing Service: You can use different email marketing platform like Sendinblue, Mailchimp or other services from WP SMTP plugins dashboard. Data will be stored on your mailing service as well as on your WordPress dashboard. You don’t need to login on your mailing service for checking the updated list.

Rather, you can check it from your dashboard. This is obviously a huge advantage for wordpress users. You don’t need to login on your mail sender service account again and again.


Advantage on WooCommerce Store: Using this plugins you can easily get extra advantages. You can track all the order emails if all of them are opened or customers are facing troubles on getting your emails. So, this will add extra benefit for you to track this effectively. This will increase the order number as well.

Less technical support is required on your store if use use this excellent plugins with your Woo Store. Also, you can resend the email if user do not get any email from your website.

When someone confirms the order, they want trouble free service from a website. So, this will help to increase user experience on your website as well.

Resend Any Email: If any email is unopened, you can resend it from the dashboard when you check the log. It will open right after the log and easy to send any email multiple times. You just need to check them and click on resend button.

When you check email status, this will help you understanding the reason why email were not opened. This will impact on your email conversion effectively. 

Save Email Attachments: This is another advantage of this amazing plugins that you can save any attachment from an email using set function. You can just save all the attachment and use it later. If you need, you can optimize them and use in future as well. 

You will notice different section where you can see and download all the details. 

Export All Data: You can easily export all the data using the SMTP plugins. It will impact on your marketing strategy. You can select a date range and save all the data on your computer. Later you can use these details on your marketing.

Final Words: Using the WP SMTP plugins, you can get not only above mentioned facilities, but also, this will help you on more other aspects. I listed few of them that are some cool features of this plugins.

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