How to Solve ERROR Cookies are Blocked or Not Supported by Your Browser?

This is a common problem people are experiencing after installing the Gutenberg WordPress Editor on their WordPress Website. Though, this is not the only reason people are experiencing this problem. But most of the case, Gutenberg is the reason behind this problem.

If you get this error code on your browser - "ERROR Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser You must enable cookies to use WordPress", you must follow this quick video tutorial to get your problem solved.


To get rid from this error, you have to clear all cache & cookies from your Browser. This will help you not being redirected in the error page even the problem is solved!.

I had the same problem, you will notice in the video. Though, I enabled the cache & cookies for my website, but I was not being able to login using my login credentials for previous cache & cookies.

When I refreshed my browser, It automatically redirected to dashboard. So, you have to clear all the cookies & caches from your browser before you start the process.

Your next duty is enable cookies & cache for your website. I add my website address manually on the site setting. This helps me to get my problem solved really quick!.

So, I suggest you adding your website address to site setting to enable cache & cookies for your website.

Most of the time, this will solve your problem & you will be able to login on your dashboard without any problem. But, if you did not get the solution, you should check all of your plugins and identify the plugin that causes the problem.

I suggest you uninstalling all the caching plugins when you are performing these steps. Because, if you use cache plugins, it may recreate cache & cookies block & your login problem will remain same!.

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