How To Solve 404 error Problem After Hosting Transfer?

Getting 404 error after server migration is a common problem that every WordPress user experience!. If you've just transferred your website to new hosting and getting 404 error on your website existing URL's, you must follow this quick tutorial to solve your problem.

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What Does 404 Not Found Mean and How Do I Fix It?

You get 404 error when that page or post does not exist on that specific website. This basically warns you to recheck the URL including spelling & letter cases. When you mistype an URL, you may get 404 error page for a website.

Sometimes WordPress users experience 404 error even though the link exists and it was working fine before the server migration. Well, if you are experiencing this issue on your WordPress website, then you are in the right place to get it solved.

You can easily solve it just rewriting all of your website URL's again. To rewrite all the URL's you need to visit Settings>Permalinks section from your WordPress dashboard.

Select any URL format and hit on the save button. Once you save the settings, come back to your original URL format. This will rewrite your URL setting twice & update the link structure that you saved last. 

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Ashley - September 2, 2019

You did a great job. The post is really helpful who recently transferred their website. You make it pretty simple and effective.


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