How To Record Every Email Sent From Your Website

When you send an email, curiosity must arise if the mail sent properly or not? Sometime you are curious to know, if the mail was open or not? To solve this kind issues, you must use a plugins called “WP Mail SMTP” on your website.

This will add some features and advantages on your website for sure. Using the plugins dashboard, you can check the status of any email sent from your website. Also, there are lots of advanced functionalities of this amazing plugins, we will discuss them below.

Advantages of Using WP Mail SMTP Plugins:

There are some common advantages that will force you to use this excellent plugins on your WordPress website. I am listing few of them for your better understanding. This will help you to know the features of WP Mail SMTP plugins and ensure the better use of the plugins.

Live Form Notifications: This is a great feature by the WP Mail SMTP plugins. Using the plugins options you can easily identify and get alerts when someone fill out the form. This plugins also helps to route the specific email to right person. You can then assign the specific type of email to perfect person and they will be notified for the task as well.

You can check the mail status, if the authorized person opened the email or not. Knowing the status of email is always important as this can lead a sale really quick. WP Mail SMTP plugin will boost the process if you use it on your website.

Organize the Email Receivers: You can organize all the email receiving process and ensure which email who should receive. This email logs will impact on support system of your website.

Get More Details: If you are curious to know when the mail was sent or other email logs, you can do this from the plugins dashboard. Comparing all the details you can improve the service quality easily. Specially, knowing the status of email always helps to take immediate action and impact on sales technique. In this sense, you must use the plugins on your website.

Ensure Best User Experience on Your Website: If you are running a website related to service or product, you must ensure all the email was sent successfully or reached to right people. In this case, SMTP WP Mail plugins can help you for sure. This will help you understand, all the mail were sent or not.

Considering the logs, you can take proper action and ensure good user experience on your website. From the logs you can know the timing of emails. This is also impactful when you are worried about user experience on your website.

How to Set Up WordPress Email Logs

If you are already convinced with the features of SMTP Mail plugins and wants to use the plugins on your website, then you have to follow below steps. This will help you activating the features on your website and use them for better experience.

Step 1: Install the Mail WP SMTP plugins on your website. You can read the documentation about the plugins before you install it on your website. As this is a paid plugins, you can only download the plugins from your dashboard of the plugins website. Your first duty is registering and select a plan.

Using the downloads option, you can download the plugins easily. 

Step 2: Once you download the plugins, you have to activate it on your website. To install and activate the plugins, go to Appearance > Plugins from your WordPress dashboard. Use the upload option to upload the plugins on your website. Also, you can upload it from your WordPress dashboard.

Step 3: Enable email logs on your website. Once you activate the plugins, you can activate the email logs from your plugins setting. Follow the below image to understand how to activate email logs easily. This will add some functionality on your website. You can then check all the email logs easily from your website.

After activating the email logs, you can check all the logs on your website easily. Email Status, Subject Line, From Email, CC and BCC, Date and Time Sent. Also, you can check the number of attachments, mailer options used and additional technical system details as well.

Final Words: Following above steps you can easily setup WP Mail SMTP plugins easily. You can store all the records on your website that you can use in future as well. 

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