How to connect WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress

Sendinblue is a popular mailing list generator addons that works tremendously with WPForms plugins. Using this excellent addons, you can easily collect data from your contact form and use whenever you need.

If you are new to Sendinblue integration and wondering how you can setup this addons with your WPForms, you can follow this step by step guide and setup on your website effortlessly.

Here I will demonstrate how you can setup Sendinblue on your WordPress website. This will help your website visitors to subscribe on your mailing list easily. Also, they can unsubscribe from your list or you can delete any data from Sendinblue list.

How to Install and Use the Sendinblue Addon with WPForms

The process is quite simple but few common steps involved on the process.Following these steps, anyone can easily install the Sendinblue addons on his website effectively.

Steps to Install Sendinblue on your website:

  • Install the Sendingblue Addons on Your Website
  • Connecting Sendinblue Addons with Your WPForms
  • Customizing Your Forms to Integrate Sendinblue on Your Forms

Install the Sendingblue Addons on Your Website: Before you start working on Sendinblue addons, make sure you have already installed the WPForms plugins on your website. Sendinblue addons works with premium version of WPForms, so you have to activate it before you start working with it.

Once you activate WPForms plugins, you are ready to install the Sendinblue addons. Your next step is installing the Sendinblue addons on your website.

Connecting Sendinblue Addons with Your WPForms: Your next duty is connecting the Sendinblue addons with the WPForms. This will activate all the features and you can make your Sendinblue addon functional. 


To activate the Sendinblue addons, go to “Addons” section from your WPForms menu. You will find an option like above figure. Click on that and you will notice the Sendinblue addons on your dashboard.

Click on the “Add New Account” option to add Sendinblue account here. Once you click on the option, it will appear two new fields for you. You need to provide those information like below image.

You need to provide Sendinblue API Key and Nickname to connect Sendinblue account with your WPForms. To find the API Key, go to the “SMTP & API” option from your Sendinblue account profile.


Once you provide all the information and click on “Connect to Sendinblue” option, it will be connected with your WPForms form. Your next task is integrating data collection method on your form.

Customizing Your Forms to Integrate Sendinblue on Your Forms: Now you need to edit your form or you can create new form to use Sendinblue. With form editor click on Marketing » Sendinblue, and click on add new connection. 


Then you need to set a connection name for your connection. You can provide a nickname to connect the form. You can provide any name to keep track. It’s not mandatory, but provide an ease to find the data easily.

After that you can select an action performance. You can set Subscribe, Unsubscribe or any other action at this stage. You need to select the action type and it will open up the options for that action.

You need to setup all the fields depending on your requirements. This will automatically collect all the contact form data and helps you on marketing purpose. You can add Subscribe option on your form using the Sendinblue addons easily.

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