How to Auto Increment Serial Numbers of Custom Post Using the ACF & Elementor

In Elementor archive template, you can not run the loop again. Because, they already have the loop. Recently, I was trying to add auto-increment system on an archive page, but that did not work. 

I did some research and couldn't find any solution to Add Auto Increment System for Custom Posts. I wanted to add Serial Number with all the custom post like the below video.


If you want to add auto increment system on your Elementor website, you must try the method. I used CSS styling to display Auto-Increment System on my website. If you use the same method to display post increment system on your website as well.

Download Elementor Pro

It will save your time and it's super easy to add auto increase post number and ID effectively. If you want to increase the Custom Post ID, you can use the method. It will impact on your work, specially, when you are working with Elementor & ACF method.

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