How do I update my PHP version in WordPress Hostgator?

If you encounter any problem with you PHP version in Hostgator hosting, this tutorial will help you solve PHP lower version problem & upgrade your WordPress version as well.

You can update or downgrade your PHP version in Hostgator cPanel in less than two minutes. Sometimes, version of PHP is the major requirement that will prevent upgrading your WordPress Version.

So, you have to upgrade your PHP version of your hosting to upgrade the WordPress version as well. The process is quite Simple & anyone can perform the PHP version upgrade process.

Few people update PHP version using htaccess file that is not a good solution though. You can easily fix lower php version following this step by step guide.


How do I update my PHP version in Hosting cPanel?

Different hosting provider & web developers use different technique, options & scripts to update PHP version on hosting control panel. Based on your service provider, you have to update the php version of your hosting.

Here I am listing the processes of all popular cPanel base hosting provider name & process of updating PHP version on their server. Hope this will help you updating the php version of your website hosted on these cPanel hostings.

How do I Update my PHP Version in WordPress Hostgator?

Using the PHP Selector option you can easily upgrade or downgrade PHP version of your website hosted in Hostgator hosting provider. The process is really quick and simple that anyone can follow.

Step 1: Login to your Hostgator Control Panel.

Step 2: Find the PHP Selector option on your control panel. This is the option that allow you to upgrade or downgrade your PHP version on Hostgator hosting.

hostgator php selector

Step 3: You will get all the PHP versions are listed as dropdown list. You have to select the required PHP version and hit on the update button.

php version hostgator

Precaution: You need to backup all of your hosting files & databases before you upgrade or downgrade the php version. Because, sometimes other services might be effected for php version update. For security purpose, you should keep backup of all of your important data.

How to Update PHP Version in Siteground Hosting - New Cpanel Interface?

Siteground Recently changed their cPanel interface & bring completely new interface. Though the interface is use-friendly & simple to use, but you may not find the php version upgrade option. So, I am adding step by step php version switch process here.

Step 1: Login to your control panel & find the hosting package under the websites section.

siteground hosting php

Step 2: Visit the Site Tools option & click on the Devs option. Under the Devs option your will find PHP Manager option that will help you to update your PHP version on Siteground Hosting.

siteground hosting php version update

Step 3: Here you can set auto update of PHP version or you can set the version manually. Depending on your requirement, you have to set the option.

I recommend you using auto upgrade version to latest version. This will add extra ease on your PHP version change process on SiteGround Hosting.

php version change sitegournd

Also, you can follow below video tutorial to learn the process effectively.

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Awesome study! I had a horror feeling on PHP version. I stuck for 4 days and I couldn’t update my WordPress for it. However, I got the solution from the web! Your article will help people to solve it really quick.


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