How to Earn Money from Amazon Affiliate Program?

Starting an Amazon Affiliate Niche site is a clever way to make passive income online. If you have a cherished dream of making money online, then Amazon Affiliate Program can be a good option for you!.

In this article, I am going to discuss every single steps on how to develop an Amazon Affiliate Website and the easiest way of traffic generating method that will help you making money from your website.

Amazon is a giant online marketplace of physical and digital products. Amazon is vastly popular among the USA and other Europe countries as well. But they are gradually growing their business all over the world.

Step by Step Guide To Start Amazon Affiliate Website

To grow their business, Amazon runs an affiliate program that helps to increase their product sell. If you are working as an Internet Marketer, then you have huge opportunity to earn money from Amazon Affiliate Program.

People are making Amazon product base niche site for its core value and high commission rate. After developing an Amazon niche site, earning increase day by day when your site grows and start getting visitors.


In this article, I will discuss every single step how to make money from an Amazon Affiliate website. So the length of this article might be long. I suggest you bookmark this post so that you can read this article at your free time.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site?

In simple words, Niche means an Industry. In a market, we notice many shops like food store, clothing store, medicine store, beauty shop and more. Alike them you will notice many websites like food website, clothing website, health tips website and more. If you make a website related to food, that means you developed a website on food niche.

Regarding Amazon Affiliate Niche Website, we speak about a category from Amazon. If you visit Amazon website, you will notice multiple categories listed on Amazon website. You can pick a profitable product from Amazon by doing simple research.

After selecting your niche, you can build a website with 30 to 50 articles. If your website starts getting traffic from search engine, then you can join in Amazon Affiliate Partner Program to start your passive income.  

Example of Niche Sites:

Why I Choose Amazon?

You will find many affiliate programs offered by different marketplaces. But why I am writing about Amazon? There have multiple good answers for this question.

The reputation of Amazon attracts me a lot. When you develop a website, no one trusts your website. But if you promote a product from Amazon, they will start trusting you. Because of the reputation of Amazon and they also know the quality of Amazon products.

The popularity of Amazon helps to convert any traffic easily into a customer. Also, a high commission rate of Amazon Affiliate Program attracts me a lot.

I promoted some crappy product from other marketplaces, but I did not get a good response as they are not popular. But entire affiliate process will be​​​​ easy if you promote an Amazon product.

Niche Site VS Authority Site Battle:

Authority sites are a special type of website where site admin publish various type of article in same website. Whether a niche site admin only writes about a single product. The popularity of authority type website is increasing day by day. But I still love making small niche sites where I write about a specific product.

If you are an expert, you can develop a niche website only in one week. Though one week is a short time for creating a website, but you can complete maximum work like keyword research, purchasing the domain-hosting, setting up WordPress on your website, setting up theme and Plugins as well.

All major setup you can complete in the first week. Also, you can post few small review article on your website. Your website will prepare after completing all these necessary things. You need 20 to 30 content for completing a niche website.

On the other side, you need a huge preparation with more or less 100 articles to setup an authority website. Though you can earn five to six figure amount from an authority website, but people are scared to make this kind of gigantic website. Because you need huge afford and budget to establish an authority website.

In this in-depth guide, I hope you will understand, how to make an Amazon niche site to make money from a website. I cordially request you to be patient and read this step by step tutorial carefully.

Step By Step Guide To Build An Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Finding A Profitable Niche: Most of the time people make a mistake while choosing a keyword to start a niche website. But this is a most important part of a niche website building process. A keyword can boost your website ranking at the top of SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). But choosing a wrong keyword will make your niche site building experience bad.

Depending on the competition, we can categorize the niches into three major categories.

  • High Competitive Niches
  • Medium Competitive Niches
  • Low Competitive Niches

What Does this Mean by High - Medium & Low Competitive Keyword?

High Competition Niches:

From the name, we get some general information about this type of keyword. If you choose a high competitive keyword, this will be hard to compete with your competitors. Even expert marketers can’t bid this type of keyword.

You need a huge effort, hard work, and investment to reach your keyword in between top 1 to top 10th position if your keyword competition is high.

You need huge investment to bid high competitive keyword. Technology related keyword like iPhone can be a good example of the high competitive keyword.

Medium Competition Niches:

Ranking a medium competitive keyword is hard as well. But there has a little scope; you can achieve your targeted position if you do hard work. You need good financial afford as well to bid a medium competitive niche.

If you are an experienced marketer, you can work with the medium competitive niche. But you need to apply latest SEO techniques, keep patience, and do some paid marketing as well. 

I advise, if you are a beginner level Internet Marketer, don’t choose high or medium competitive keywords. Because this can be costly and you won’t be able to rank your website in SERP’s. Home appliance product like cook top stove is the best example for it.

Low Competition Niches:

Expert or beginner, everyone search for low competitive keywords. Because ranking a low competitive keyword is super easy if you follow some basic SEO guidelines. Proper planning and implementation of your work plan can help you rank your low competitive keyword quick.

Sometimes you will get unrevealed niche with zero competition. Beginners can start with this type of niche and rank in search engine with less effort. Literally, zero competition does not exist on the web, especially when you are working with Amazon product. Still now low competitive niche exists for some reasons.

There are two main reasons why low competitive niches still exist. Firstly, they haven't been discovered by expert marketers yet. Secondly, expert marketers discovered them but they are not working on that specific keyword. Because earning potential of that keyword might be too less comparing with their investment.

Though expert marketers avoid this type of keyword by calculating its earning potential, but you should start working with this type of keyword, if you are a beginner. Because earning 1000 dollar might be a small amount for them, but it can be a blessing for you.

Checklist To Select The Best Niche For Amazon Affiliation

  • Keyword Competition Must Be Low
  • There Has Decent Affiliate Commission For That Niche.
  • Make sure your selected product has enough accessories and vertical products available.
  • You have less or more interest on that niche. Don’t select a niche that you don’t like.
  • Your selected niche or product is not seasonal.
  • You should avoid the hype based product.

How to Find Profitable Niche For You?

If you don’t know how to find a product or niche that meets above criteria, then you must read below-listed method. I discussed few convenient methods that I use to find a profitable low competitive niche for me.

Browse Amazon Product Categories​

amazon product categories

Amazon site directory is the best source for finding a profitable niche idea effortlessly. You will find thousands of products listed in different categories and sub-categories. You have to visit them manually and find a product that you feel interested.

Find Niche Idea with mainly developed using popular website RSS Feeds. Visiting this site, you will notice a navigation bar like A to Z character. Click any character, and this will bring lots of topics as a drop-down menu. You can pick a topic that you feel interested.

Find Niche Idea with

I like when I research niche. On the bottom of the site, you will notice “Find Products by Name,”Using this search box, you can easily find a profitable niche. You can check New Arrival Section and Best Seller Section as well.

Use SEMRush to Get Niche Ideas from Top Sites

Using SEMRush is another good technique that will help you getting profitable niche effortlessly. Though this is a paid tool, but this online tool saves your time and bring profitable niche easily. So you can use SEMRush to find a good niche for you.

How to Calculate Earning Potential of a Amazon Affiliate Website?

You can use to know about potential earning of your selected niche. It can’t give you accurate data, but this provides a general idea that is near to accurate. You will get a good idea about income from your selected niche.

How to Perform Keyword Research and Competition Analysis?

Search ​​​​​Volume

You have to be tricky while choosing a keyword. Low competition is not the only parameter that brings a good keyword; it’s a misconception indeed. Regarding ( SV ) Search Volume, a good keyword SV can be different.

For single niches, I prefer 1000 to 2500 search volume. But search volumes of a multi-niche keyword can be 300 to 2000 because you need to select many different keywords from a single category.

From my personal experience, I noticed differences between search volume and searched traffic is huge.

Note: While selecting a keyword, you have to give priority to keyword competition than search volume.

Keyword Competition Analysis Using Longtail Pro

LongTail Pro is my favorite keyword research tool. LongTail Pro display not only grimy information but also keyword competition as well. The interesting part about this tool is it display very accurate information comparing with other keyword research tool.

It basically pulls data from Majestic SEO Tools and adds few important information before it displays the information. When you are researching a keyword using LongTail Pro, you have to keep in mind few things like site age, domain authority, citation flow, trust flow, number of niche site and eCommerce websites.

If you get so many eCommerce websites listed in SERP’s, I suggest avoiding that type of keyword. But if you get a niche site listed in the first page, I think this is not a major problem. Because there has a niche site listed already and that means Google is loving niche sites in this specific keyword. I believe you will get priority for ranking as you are making a niche site as well.  

Considerable Facts About Keyword Competition Analysis

You should keep in mind few important facts while analyzing keyword competition, among them the number of backlink of a competitor is important. Sometimes strength of competitor’s backlink remains high and it's almost impossible for newbies to chase them. So choosing a keyword by researching competitors backlink strength will be an intelligent way for selecting the best keyword.

The crawling system of MOZ and Majestic SEO works slowly, and sometimes they can’t discover all backlinks of your competitors. So I suggest using Ahrefs to check backlink profiles. Because, Ahrefs provide maximum backlink information of your competitors in minimum possible time.

Among the top competitor sites like Top10Reviews & ConsumerReports are considered as a strong competitor that is hard to bid for newbie marketers. If you find these websites listed on the 1st page, you should avoid that keyword.

Product Research:

I start my product research considering few important thing like product price, product availability product review & rating. I am listing few important points below that I keep in mind when I research a keyword for my niche website.

Product Price: 

You must check product price before you select a niche. You can check Amazon website to check product price. You will find few products with an average price that has a good alternative with a low or high price.

You should avoid them because people always want to save some bucks while purchasing a product. Sometimes they want good quality on their product, and they are ready to spend more.

Product Availability:  

A huge amount of product being out of stock from Amazon every day. So you have to select a product that is available in Amazon store. You will notice few products are available from the seller that means this product is out of stock in Amazon store. But customer can collect the product from the seller. You should avoid this type of product as well.

You should not select out of stock products, however. But if you notice, “ more product on the way” notice under the product name, you can select this product.

Always try to select a product that is available in Amazon store only. If you notice a few number of products available and “more on the way” notice is absent, then you should not select that product. I select a product, If there have 20 or more products available on Amazon.

Product Review & Rating: 

Product review and rating is another important considerable fact for selecting a right niche. If you select a product that has good user rating, product sale rate will increase.

When you send a visitor in Amazon, they read product specification and user rating. If they find a satisfactory review on the product page, he will purchase the product quick. Customer review always helps to convert your visitor into a customer.

How to Find The Perfect Domain Name for Amazon Affiliate Program?

Brandable or Exact Match? Past few years a debate about this topic is trending. As per my experience, exact match domain does not help much. So I prefer selecting a brandable domain name because I get some common benefit from this type of domain.

Brandable domain doesn't provide any message that this site is created for selling a specific product only. So you can add more accessories and related product on your website.

If you choose a brandable domain, you can easily expand your niche by listing vertical products. So I suggest you to pick brandable domain name instead of exact match domain.

Which TLD ( Top Level Domain ) Extension is Best?

TLD does not effect much, when you are making a niche site. But you .com, .net and .org are some popular TLD and trustful to visitors. I suggest you selecting .com TLD, but if you don’t find good domain with .com TLD, then you can choose .net or .org TLD for you site. Naturally .com TLD is huge popular and people trust it. So I think you can pick this TLD while choosing a domain name.

Nowadays .reviews domains are ranking as well. But I don’t feel any importance to pick a .reviews domain now.

How You Can Generate A Good Brandable Domain?

Personally I use NameSilo and Bustaname to find a domain name. Searching a domain name on these sites has an unique benefit. You will find some related website listed here that helps you generating more ideas by adding suffix or prefix.

From Where You Can Purchase A Domain?

I prefer NameCheap and NameSilo to purchase a domain name. Because they don’t park any domain unethically from user search and they offer exclusive cupon code that you can trust. I must mention the mind blowing high quality customer service of NameCheap.

Choosing The Best Hosting

I often get a common question, how can I get good hosting at cheap price? It’s really important for you to know few important parameters that brings good hosting for you. In simple words, I check server uptime and response.

A huge amount of website owner complains that they are not happy with their site loading speed. This happens because of cheap hosting. You can host your site at a low price, but at the end of the day, are you really getting good service from your hosting provider?

Disk space and bandwidth does not make any sense about the quality of hosting. You must check server response time before you pick hosting from a provider. Because site loading speed depends on server response time.

Setting Up a Niche Site: 

After purchasing a domain and hosting, you are ready for setting up your niche website. You have to setup your niche site very carefully, because it’s a huge earning platform. I will discuss next steps below that is important for you.

Which CMS is Best for Amazon Affiliate Program?

For making Amazon affiliate niche site WordPress is my one and only choice. I use WordPress because it’s easy to setup and customize as well. Even you don’t need any coding knowledge to customize a WordPress website. You can add any feature on your website using WordPress plugins.

WordPress is most popular CMS (Content Management System) comparing with others. More than 25% website owners are using WordPress that made WordPress number 1 CMS comparing with others.

Setting up a WordPress website is very easy and straight forward. Using WordPress you can setup your website only in 10 minutes.

How to Setup WordPress for Amazon Affiliate Program?

Steps of installing a WordPress website starts with purchasing the domain and hosting. From your cPanel, you can setup WordPress using one click installation service. You will notice Softaculous under software section of your hosting. 

Most of the hosting provider provide one click WordPress installation facility. If you don’t find Softaculous option in your hosting, you can install WordPress using FTP(File Transfer Protocol). This video will help you learning WordPress setup easily.

What is the Best Theme for Amazon Affiliate Program?

Most of the new marketers thinks to use free WordPress theme. I don’t recommend anyone to use free theme for niche website. While selecting theme for a niche site, you should select a lightweight WordPress theme that matches with any content.

In the end of the day earning from your website depends on good conversion rate. So you have to be very careful while selecting a theme. Because conversion rate depends on your website look.

Select mobile friendly theme, because most of the visitors visit niche site from mobile or tab devices. So selecting a mobile friendly theme is important.

Basic Plugins For Amazon Niche Site

When I setup a WordPress plugin, few basic things I keep in my mind. Plugins adds extra advantage on your website, but you have to be tricky while selecting a plugins. Plugins for service and niche website are not same, right? Plugins I use for my niche site are listed below:

Mandatory Page Setup For Niche Site

After setting up a niche website we create few important pages like about, contact us, disclaimer & privacy policy, we call them mandatory pages. Though they are not enough for creating a niche site, but these pages will increase the trust to Google.

Disclaimer page will prevent unwanted ban of your Amazon affiliate account.

Proper Content Strategy

Content is king and considered as most important element for making a niche site. So you have to be very careful about your website content. Most of the people comes to read review and they try to collect information as well. So you have to add information in your content. If you don’t provide reliable information, visitor will not purchase your recommended product.

What Type of Content You Should Publish in Niche Website?

What type of article do I publish on my niche site? Generally, I publish review type article. Additionally, I add few informative article where I recommend some best products. In your niche site, you can publish, best recommended, individual product review and informative type article.

When you are publishing informative type article, you can post question answer and list type post. But you must provide some reliable information that your reader and google both trusts equally.

Content Idea and Analysis

You need time to understand, from where you can get the content idea and how you can develop a content for the search engine. But knowing some common tricks can help you get good content idea easily and present a lively content to your visitors.

After completing my keyword research, I feel comfortable to create the best product recommended homepage for my single niche site. Most of the time, I try to decorate my homepage using Best+Keyword. Then I post some individual product review.

In term of completing the whole website with content, I find some products from Amazon that has a good amount of search volume. In the final stage, I select ten different products, and I post ten individual product review article on that specific products.

Using Ahrefs and SEMRush, I collect some keywords and post 5/10 best-recommended editor choice type article. Generally, I post 2000 words article for this type of article. In the last stage, I post informative type article where I post product related information. For niche site, I try to post authoritative type article that visitors easily believe.

How to Hire a Writer for Amazon Affiliate Niche Site?

Content is most import part for your niche website. So you have to be very careful about the content of your niche site. You should use a quality article on your website. Most of the time it's not possible to write the content yourself. In this case, you can outsource your content.

Without hiring native writer, it’s hard to get quality content. Hiring individual writer without marketplace is more dangerous because they write low-quality content most of the time.

Choosing an intelligent writer can be an easy solution to this problem, and you have to provide detailed instruction to reduce hard work. A format of the informative article is given below. You have to unlock it by clicking on like button.

People are always confused about the price of the article and trusted marketplace as well. If you don’t compromise on content quality, then you have to spend a bit. You have to spend around 2$ for 100 words article.

Basically, I choose CopywriterToday and TextBroker for hiring writers. TextBroker is comparatively expensive, but you will get the quality article. In textBroker, you can hire 4-star quality writer to write content for your niche site.

ON Page Optimization for Amazon Affiliate Website

ON Page Optimization is the step that you have to complete with high priority after publishing content on your website. According to SEO experts like Neil Patel and Branden, ON Page is most important SEO factor that helps to rank your website quickly. Proper ON Page SEO will move forward your website ranking more than 50%, comparing your competitors. Few things you should keep in mind while doing ON Page Optimization is listed below.

Setting Up Webmaster and Analytics

Setting up webmaster and analytics is your first duty after preparing your website. Using a Gmail account, you can easily setup webmaster and analytics for your website. Connecting the webmaster and analytics always provide the best performance on webmaster tool. So you should connect them after verify.

Sitemap Submission

You must submit the sitemap to webmaster tool. If you are using WordPress, then you can easily create a sitemap using Yoast SEO plugins. After submitting your sitemap on Webmaster, Google will index most of the links of your website and this process increase the possibility to start getting organic traffic from Google.

Robot TXT File Submit

In WordPress website, if you setup Yoast plugin properly, the webmaster will automatically index your robot.txt file. But if you notice any unwanted error, you can fix this or edit your robot.txt file using Yoast Plugins tools option. Generally, I make category pages and tag pages no index. Then I make the media files no index individually.

Individual Pages Optimization

You have to optimize every single page individually. Using Yoast SEO Plugins, you can optimize every single pages and post. You can update meta keywords and meta description of every single page using this plugin. Using your targetted keyword on meta box, you can get your expected ranking on search engine easily.

Creating Social Media Accounts

I share my articles on all social media whenever I publish a new article on my website. A viral content on social media of your website can bring a huge number of traffic easily. Social media shares help to reach your website to many people easily.

Sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest always bring a good number of traffic and this helps to increase social signal as well.

For niche sites, you don’t need to run paid campaigns. But if you want some follower for your social media account, then you can run a paid campaign.

OFF Page SEO - Link Building For Niche Sites

Link building strategy for a niche site is different than other sites. You will get backlink easily for other websites because niches of them are not narrow. But getting a relevant backlink for micro-niche website is really hard.

We know relevant backlink for a niche site is always safe. From recent update of Google algorithm, we noticed sites with irrelevant backlink couldn't improve their ranking easily.

Note: First three months after developing your website, you have to create backlinks very carefully. Otherwise, you may experience Google Sandbox issue. First three months you have to post articles regularly and create some relevant backlink as well.

For niche sites, we generally create backlinks in few steps:

Basic Backlinks

In this step, we create backlinks like, Web 2, Image Backlinks and Profile Backlinks, etc.

Guest Post

In this step, we email to different site admins and post an article on their website to collect backlinks. We offer a high-quality article to site admin, so they agree to provide a backlink to our website.

Blogger Outreach

In this step, we try to purchase sponsored backlink from site admin. Depending on quality people offer money to the site owner. But purchasing backlink spending money is unethical.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Besides increasing the backlink, you have to increase the conversion rate as well. For niche sites, conversion starts when you start getting a minimum amount of visitors on your website. So you should give afford to increase conversion rate besides increasing the number of traffic on your website.

High CTR of your website will impact on your affiliate sale on Amazon. So you have to place an affiliate link in the right place. Generally, people place their affiliate link in buttons and product name mentioned in the article. People also place an affiliate link in product images.

But you can place the affiliate link at the beginning of an article using a product table. I believe this will help to increase your website conversion a few times more.

I already discussed every single steps, how you could develop a niche site. Now your turn to follow this step by step article to make your first Amazon affiliate site to start your affiliate earning.

If you are new to Amazon affiliate program, you may face difficulties to understand all new terms I used in this article. Don’t fear! Just start your affiliate journey and comment below what problem you are experiencing with your niche site.

Disclosure: We are affiliated with several hosting provider, WordPress Theme Developer & plugins developers. We may earn commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product at no extra cost to you!.
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