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How to Add FAQs to Your WordPress Website?

Adding FAQ section on your website helps your readers to get answered before they ask any question. If you are searching a possible way to add FAQs on your WordPress website, here is the method you can follow. In this post I will show how to add FAQ on your website using a simple plugins called "WPB Advanced FAQ".

You don't need to learn any programming to add FAQ section on your website. Installing the WPB Advanced FAQ plugin will help you to add FAQs on your website effectively. You can add or remove frequently asked questions on your website from the dashboard.

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How to Add Scrolling News in WordPress Newspaper Website?

If you are a newspaper or agency owner and searching a possible solution to add scrolling news on your website, you can follow this step by step guide to get your problem solved. You don't need to hire a developer to add this feature on your website. 

You just need to install a free plugins on your website to display sticky news on your website. It takes only 3 minutes to set up ticker news on your website. You can display the ticker news on any pages, posts or widget of your website using a simple short code. 

how to add scrolling news on wordpress website
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How to Add Call Now Button In WordPress for Mobile Devices?

Many people think adding the Call Now Button in WordPress website requires lot of coding and programming knowledge. But the fact is; you don't even need a developer to install call now button on your website. You can easily install the call now button option on your website in few minutes.

It will take less than 3 minutes to set up everything on your website. You just need to install a WordPress Plugins and set up all the features. This will help you to display clickable call now button on your website. The process is really simple and anyone can install the button on his website effectively.

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How do I Add Animation Effects on My WordPress Site?

If you want excellent animation effects on your WordPress website, this post will help you to add excellent Flip, Bounce, Flash and Pulse effects on your website. You don't need to learn any programming to add Flip, Bounce, Flash and Pulse effect on your website. This is super easy to add on WordPress website.

You just need to install a plugins and this will help you to add add cool effects on your website effectively. The plugins you can download from WordPress directory for free. It will take less than 3 minutes to set up everything from the scratch. This will add animation option on your post editor.

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How to Add Author Box or Image In WordPress Post Using Simple Author Plugins?

An author box helps to increase the authenticity of a post and increase the beauty of your website as well. Most of the WordPress theme author box does not come with a beautiful design. Only the latest design newspaper themes comes with beautiful author box.

But if you want to add an author box on your blog or other websites, You can install simple author box plugins. You can change the style of author box, color, font and background as well. Let's learn the steps to add an author box in a WordPress website.

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How to Add Captcha in Contact Form 7 WordPress?

If you get so many unwanted email from your website contact form, possibly most of them are coming from robots. You can install Recaptcha Version 2 or Version 3 on your website to prevent spam email from your website. This will reduce the number of unwanted email coming from any WordPress Website. 

Installing the Recaptcha Version 2 will add "I'm not a robot" verification system on your website. Before anyone send an email to you, they need to pass the human verification. Also, you can add similar system on your website comment box. This will help you to prevent unwanted activity on your website.

How to Add I'm Not a Robot Verification on WordPress Contact Form 7?

You can easily add I'm not a robot verification method on your WordPress website using a simple plugins Contact Form 7 Recaptcha. To activate the security system, you just need a Secret Key and a Security Key. Adding the recaptcha system will help you to prevent suspicious activity on your website. No, robots will able to send any email through the website contact form.

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Best Newspaper WordPress Themes [ Free Newspaper Themes 2020 ]

If you are journalist or student of journalism, start your own newspaper could help you working independently and build your desired career as well. Most of the people involved in journalism wants to start their newspaper or magazine website, but scared about the newspaper maintenance cost. 

But the truth is completely different and you don't require huge money to start. If you have domain and hosting, you can easily start your newspaper with a Free Newspaper WordPress Theme. You will find thousands of free newspaper and magazine WordPress themes that will help you to start reducing the cost.

The domain & hosting is essential to start. Your website name is called the domain name and the hosting is an online storage device. If you have budget problem, you must try Namecheap for purchasing domain & hosting. They offer best domain & hosting service at affordable price.

Best Free Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Themes

If you have already domain & hosting registered, you can download a free WordPress theme and develop your newspaper & magazine website effectively. Here I am listing all the free WordPress themes and some paid WordPress themes (in case you like) to assist you finding the perfect free newspaper WordPress theme.

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35+ Best Digital Agency WordPress Themes – SEO Agency – Digital Marketing

Digital agencies like Software development company, SEO Company, Apps development company and other similar companies demand the best website design form them. Because, the industry is now more competitive & your website means a lot.

If you don't ensure best design for your digital agency website, your customers might be bounced for poor user-experience. You will find tons of modern design digital agency WordPress theme available in the theme marketplaces like ThemeForest, WordPress.Org & Template Monster.

I listed Top 35+ Digital Agency WordPress Themes here to assist you finding the perfect creative agency theme effortlessly. We listed both paid & free digital agency WordPress themes in this post.

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Why Self-Hosted Ecommerce Is Easier Than You Think

There are two reasons why the ecommerce industry is such an attractive destination for the average seller or entrepreneur: it’s incredibly rich, pushing brick-and-mortar retail ever more firmly into the history books, and it’s exceptionally easy to enter. The latter wouldn’t matter if people didn’t know about it, of course, and we can attribute that awareness to SaaS hosting providers offering one-stop solutions.

The message is a simple one: sign up with our service, and you’ll get a great store within hours with very little effort required. What’s more, the system will be kept updated for you, and you’ll always have excellent support. It’s easy to understand why people go for it, particularly when they don’t have any coding knowledge and fear the consequences of getting involved.

But that isn’t the only way to go, as you know: there’s also the option of self-hosted ecommerce, wherein you choose separate hosting to house a store you’ve assembled through an open-source CMS. To people who know very little about ecommerce, that sounds very intimidating, but it really shouldn’t: it’s actually a great option for experts and beginners alike.

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Post-processing of the Image Failed If This is a photo or a Large Image Scale It Down to 2500 Pixels

To avoid this type of error, you can modify your images before you upload them. It will help you uploading error free images. WordPress recently updated their requirements on media file uploading in server.

If you experienced the error message "Post-processing of the image failed. If this is a photo or a large image, please scale it down to 2500 pixels and upload it again", you should watch the video carefully. 

There is no exact solution of this error, but we can try to solve the issue implementing some techniques. This will help you editing and updating the issues effectively. You will able to handle the error following some common tricks.

The problem happens for browser caching that you can easily fix clearing the browser cache files. You can also upload images from the Media Library option and the problem will be fixed. I experienced the same issue on my website after the WordPress Version update and did research on it.

Finally, I got a solution and I created the video to help more people who is experiencing the same issue on their website. I know how you feel when you can't upload images on your website and you don't get any solution.

Learn WordPress Customization

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