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Top 10+ Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes 2022

These days people are being more habituate with online shopping and thus the number of online shop is increasing. Everyday people are developing new online shops and everyone wants best design for their website. Here we bring top 10 best WooCommerce WordPress themes that will help you finding best WP Theme for your shop.

If you are planning to develop an ecommerce website for your store, you must check the list before you purchase any WordPress theme online. This will help you making best decision on your theme purchase.

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Best Charity Nonprofit NGO Fundraising WordPress Theme

Best Charity Nonprofit NGO Fundraising WordPress Theme

Themes Download Links
1. (Kunco Non-Profit WordPress Theme)
2. (Good Soul Charity WP Theme)
3. (Best Fund Raising WordPress Theme)
4. (Have Heart Fund Raising NGO WP Theme)
5. (Crowd Merc Crowdfunding WordPress Theme )
6. (Charity Hub WordPress Theme)
7. (Helpo Charity Fund Raising WP Theme)
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10 Reasons You Should Choose Bluehost Hosting

When you want to make a decision about purchasing a web hosting, you need to research about hosting companies and keep few important things in your mind. Price is a big considerable fact while choosing hosting company

But features of hosting is more important than price. Do you know what features are important for a hosting? It’s hard to identify good hosting if you are not a technical person.

The most important decision for any website is to choose a good hosting company. But for the beginners, it’s not an easy task to choose. Many companies offer hosting services, and every company has the best claim.

Check Bluehost Hosting Latest Prices

All of them offer unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, 0% Downtime, 24/7 technical support and promise about the comfort of use.

You must have ten essential features of your hosting company. Let’s review what are some important features that should be on your web hosting? Knowing these features will help you identify best hosting effortlessly.

In this case, the Blue Host hosting company can be a good solution for you.

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Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers

Using the polls on your website always adds extra advantage to reduce bounce rate of your website. High bounce rate of a website impact on website SEO negatively. Thus using a poll can save your site from any type of negative impression on search engines.

Beside that there are lots of advantages available of adding polls on a website. But adding the poll with proper functionality is required. If you can’t make the poll engaging, it will not help you anymore. Thus, I decided to discuss a plugin called “WPForms + Surveys & Polls“.

This plugins with poll extension will save your time to add advanced polls on your website effectively. You don’t even need to learn any programming to add vastly functional polls on your website. Using the WPForms plugins and the extension you can easily set conditional logical forms on your website.

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The Best Way To Accept Payments Online

Collecting payment from a website is a crucial part that eventually ensure cash flow for your online business. But receiving money online is a complex task most of the time. To provide ease of collecting payment, is a famous service. But setting up it on your website is bit complex as well.

If you are a WordPress user, here we bring an easy solution for users. Using the Addon, you can easily collect payment without any hassle. WordPress plugins always adds extra advantage for users and reduce complexity of setup.

Read More About WPForms Addons

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Simple Email Marketing [Mailchimp and WPForms]

Email marketing is a popular and effective way for internet marketers who wants to sell their product online. Among all popular email marketing platforms, Mailchimp is listed on the top. Using this platform anyone can notify their audience about new products, news and updates.

WPForms allows you to maintain everything from your WordPress dashboard without login on your Mailchimp account. This is obviously a huge advantage from Mailchimp users. Using an extension you can easily do this.

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Best Furniture Store WordPress Themes For Manufacturers, Stores and Interior Designers – Ecommerce

Download Themes:
1. ( Cenos WP Theme Download)
2. ( AAre WordPress Theme Download)
3. ( Auros WordPress Theme Download )
4. (Davici WordPress Theme Download)
5. ( Aredo WP Theme Download Link )
6. ( Rey WordPress Theme Download )
7. ( Reeco WordPress Theme )
8. ( Koncept WordPress Theme )
.9 ( Drile WP Theme Download )
10. (Dash WordPress Theme Download Link)

How to connect WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress

Sendinblue is a popular mailing list generator addons that works tremendously with WPForms plugins. Using this excellent addons, you can easily collect data from your contact form and use whenever you need.

If you are new to Sendinblue integration and wondering how you can setup this addons with your WPForms, you can follow this step by step guide and setup on your website effortlessly.

Here I will demonstrate how you can setup Sendinblue on your WordPress website. This will help your website visitors to subscribe on your mailing list easily. Also, they can unsubscribe from your list or you can delete any data from Sendinblue list.

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WPForms And Zapier Make Contact Form Leads Easy

We use different types of forms on our website that basically helps us communicating with our website visitors. But most of them do not allow us to collect data from users. There are several reasons involved behind this.

Most of the website form builder try to make the functionality simple and easy for users. Also, plugins like WPForms, Contact Form 7 and similar plugins people use for communication purpose, so plugins developers do not put the marketing features on it.

If you are searching features like lead collection from your contact form plugins, you can use addons like Zapier. It’s basically an excellent marketing extension for WPForms. You can collect all the WPForms data including attachment, text and other types of data using the Zaipier addons.

Using this addon, you can send your WPForms data to: 

*Create a Lead in Salesforce 

*Create invoices on FreshBooks 

*Create a contact in HubSpot 

*Send text messages using Twilio 

*Add a Google Contact 

*Make a task in Trello or Asana

*Add a customer in QuickBooks 

*Get a Slack Notification

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5 of the Best Survey Software (Compared)

Survey and polls are common thing to modern people to judge something in a smart way! Surprisingly, you can add a survey and poll system on your WordPress website using survey software or plugins.

But the fact is adding a survey or poll in a website is not easy for many reason. You won’t find available free plugins that allows you maximum customization. Thus, I decided to talk on this topic and listed the best survey software’s here.

Following this list, you can find the best survey software for your website and setup it easily. A plugins like WPForms allows you to create flexible dynamic forms effectively without learning any coding or programming. So, lets dive into the list.

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