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Best Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Themes

To become a successful travel blogger or tour operator there is no alternative of choosing a good Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Theme. You will find tons of tour booking WordPress themes available in the market, but here I will discuss about top WordPress themes that will help you making your tour website effectively.

Using the list of Best Tour Booking WordPress Themes, you can run your tour booking website in few minutes.

What is the Best Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Theme?

Well, depending on requirements it may vary. For what purpose you are searching the theme will tell you which one is best WordPress theme. But if you are in hurry, you can watch this video. Here we added top 10 best tour booking themes that might help you finding the perfect one really quick.

List of Top 55+ Tour Booking WordPress Themes 2022

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How to Start Consulting Service and Finance Website in WordPress?

How to Start Consulting Service and Finance Website in WordPress?

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How To Start a Financial Consulting Business on WordPress What is the best WordPress theme for consulting business? What is a WordPress Consultant? How do I create a WordPress website and sell it? How do I update my consulting theme? 23 Best WordPress Themes for Financial Sites 25 Best Consulting WordPress Themes 2022 20 Best Business Consulting WordPress Themes consulting website template wordpress free consulting wordpress theme documentation consulting wordpress theme demo content consulting theme wordpress business consulting wordpress theme themeforest wordpress consulting consulting stylemixthemes themeforest wordpress

#Start_Finance_Website #Start_Consulting_Website #WordPress_Consulting_Website

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How To Create Free Logo for Website?

How To Create Free Logo for Your Brand?

We often get this question online, How Can I Create Free Logo for My Company, Brand or Website? Considering all the difficulties, I am sharing this quick tutorial on creating a free logo for your website. 

I used multiple websites to create a free logo. But most of the time they are useless and poor in quality. I find DesignEvo as the best free logo maker online. I created multiple logos using this excellent logo maker online.

If you need a logo for your online business or brand, you must use this online tool to create your free logo online. Both you can download a high-resolution logo or medium quality logo. 

If you use a free logo, you have to give appropriate credit to their website. You will get a user guide that will help you linking their website to your website and use the logo as well. Giving the proper credit, you can use the logo copyright-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

After reading several similar posts on different groups for the past couple of months and after all my ups and downs during these five past months I’ve been doing online marketing, I think there are a few misconceptions a lot of people have, here’s my personal recap (This is my personal opinion and I’m a firm believer these are all untrue. I insist on personal because of I’ve clashed with the SEO obsessed on this group several times

– “Google loves longer posts” If your 2k words post is full of filler content, a 700 words post that is useful and straight to the point will beat it anytime.

– “What theme is better for my X niche post” A theme is a design. I use the same theme for two sites that don’t have anything to do with each other. You can adapt any theme you want to match any topic you want.

– “What percentage of keywords is good for google” People who are reading your article don’t give two cents about whether your post has 10% of your main keyword in it or more. They care about whether they found a solution to their problem when googling the “keyword”

– “I can’t find a niche” This one drives me crazy because a niche is a topic. When you decide what your site will be about, that’s when you found your niche.

– “Which is better: an amazon affiliate site, a niche site or an authority site” It doesn’t matter, a site can be all these or none of these depending on what it is you’re trying to do. When I started I just wanted to write articles along with links to affiliate stores, now I’m working on launching my own products. There’s no such thing as a “type” of a site. A site can have your own products, your affiliate links, can be an authority site and a targeted niche site as in focusing on one topic.

– “If you build it they will come” No business ever can get you clients without a bit of promotion. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars but you can’t complain about people not finding your site and google not indexing your site according to your timeline if you don’t invest a bit of time and money.

– “Amazon affiliate program is the only way to go” Throughout the past few months and since Amazon doesn’t work with my country, I’ve found several another platform that offers programs with a higher commission rate than amazon. Some companies offer direct affiliate programs without going through Amazon.

– “Do Clickbank or X programs work”? Clickbank, share a sale, commission junction offer programs, they’re not a product in themselves. If a product is good and you promote it well, it will make you money whether it’s through amazon, Clickbank or direct. These are the platforms that put you “in contact” with the affiliate program.

 Writer: Michelle Hamaoui