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Error: Command failed: npm install cgb-scripts –save –save-exact –silent

I used below command to create a gutenberg block in my plugins directory. 

npx create-guten-block my-block

But this brings an error like below.

Error: Command failed: npm install cgb-scripts --save --save-exact --silent

    at makeError (C:\Users\Ahmad\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\create-guten-block\node_modules\execa\index.js:169:9)
    at C:\Users\Ahmad\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\create-guten-block\node_modules\execa\index.js:274:16
    at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)
    at async C:\Users\Ahmad\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\create-guten-block\app\npmInstallScripts.js:48:3 {
  code: 1,
  stdout: '',
  stderr: '',
  failed: true,
  signal: null,
  cmd: 'npm install cgb-scripts --save --save-exact --silent',
  timedOut: false,
  killed: false

Node.js v18.12.1


If you are facing same issue, you can use below command to fix the issue.

					npx @wordpress/create-block todo-list
For more details follow below resources.
Gutenberg Documentation

Top 7 Best WordPress Pets and Animal Theme

Top 7 Best WordPress Pets and Animal Themes

Theme Download Link:

1. (Frizty Pet Shop WordPress Theme)

2. (Peto Animal Shop WordPress Theme)

3. (Numbat Petshop WooCommerce Theme)

4. (Pet Shop Lovers WooCommerce Theme)

5. (Kreme WP Pet Online Selling Theme)

6. (Pet Zen WordPress Theme)

7. (Pets Land Domestic Animal WordPress Theme)

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How to Create Options Page in WordPress Using Free ACF Advanced Custom Fields Plugins?

Adding Option Page on Advanced Custom Fields is not a free feature. But following this tutorial, you will able to make a options page completely for free. This technique will help you making the “Site Settings” on your ACF fields group and you can use the option to display any kind of data. 

If you know how to display data on your page using ACF, you can follow this tutorial. Because, you must need basic knowledge about Advanced Custom Fields first to follow this tutorial. 

I assume you know the basic use of ACF and stuck with the options page only. For understanding the lesson, you must need to watch whole video carefully. Because, all the steps are important.

Here is the code:

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How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks

Knowing the email open rate and link click rate of your sent email always helps you to increase conversion rate on email marketing. And good news is, If you send the email from your WordPress dashboard, you can track it using the WP SMTP plugins.

On a recent update, WP SMTP plugins released this latest feature that will help you knowing the link open rate and click rate from your dashboard. Using the plugins option you can easily know these information on your website.

You don’t need to use any 3rd party email marketing service to track your email conversion rate if you use the WP SMTP plugins. It will help you understanding all the conversion factors effectively. You can use different templates and check the link click and open rate.

There are few more benefits of this excellent plugins that we listed below.

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How To Record Every Email Sent From Your Website

When you send an email, curiosity must arise if the mail sent properly or not? Sometime you are curious to know, if the mail was open or not? To solve this kind issues, you must use a plugins called “WP Mail SMTP” on your website.

This will add some features and advantages on your website for sure. Using the plugins dashboard, you can check the status of any email sent from your website. Also, there are lots of advanced functionalities of this amazing plugins, we will discuss them below.

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Simple Email Marketing [Mailchimp and WPForms]

Email marketing is a popular and effective way for internet marketers who wants to sell their product online. Among all popular email marketing platforms, Mailchimp is listed on the top. Using this platform anyone can notify their audience about new products, news and updates.

WPForms allows you to maintain everything from your WordPress dashboard without login on your Mailchimp account. This is obviously a huge advantage from Mailchimp users. Using an extension you can easily do this.

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How to Display Live Sales Notifications on WordPress Website

How to Display Live Sales Notifications on WordPress Website?
Plugins Download link:

WooCommerce WordPress Live Sales Notifications Plugins

If you are searching a solution to show sales notification on your wordpress website, you can follow this video. In this video I shown how to display sale notification on wordpress website effectively. This will help you do display notification for any type of post types on your website.

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