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Google’s ReCaptcha? Check Out The Popular Alternative: hCaptcha

Searching a better alternative of Google ReCaptch?

Here I bring hCaptcha for you which I discovered last week and added on my website to prevent spam activity on my website. This excellent captcha system is absolutely free and you can set difficulty level depending on your requirement.

You can set 4 type of difficulties: Easy, Moderate, Difficult and Always On mode while setting up this recapctha system on your website. All of them has unique functionalities and allows you to protect spam activities on your website. 

In this post, I will discuss why hCaptcha is the best alternative of Google Recaptch?

What is The Best Alternative of Google Recaptcha in 2021?

You will find lots of captcha system that helps you to prevent unnecessary or spam comment on your website. But most of them are not free and few of them are complex to setup. So, I decided to post a review about hCaptcha that I found as best alternative of Google Recaptcha for free.

It's super easy to install on any WordPress website and you can set the difficulty level easily. I already said, It has 4 different difficulty level which ensure best use of captcha system on your website.

Using the hCaptcha system, you can make custom captcha system that surely prevent spamming on your website. Because, solving this type of custom captcha is hard for any kind of bot or robot.

Check hCaptcha Features

You can easily integrate hCaptcha with popular plugins like WPForms. This will help you to collect data more securely from your users. Anyone wants to submit form, he will need to solve the captcha first. You can set different captcha for different form or page.

Features of hCaptcha Captcha Management

hCaptcha has some excellent features that you will not find on other captcha manamgent system. Though some features are bonded for enterprise solution, but you can use most of the features as publisher user. You just need to register an account on hCaptcha website and follow the instructions to setup the captcha system on your website. 

Difficulty Level: The 1st feature I really liked about hCaptcha is you can set your own difficulty level depending on your need. If your website is reciving a massive number of spam comment, you can increase the difficulty level as you want.

  • Easy: If you set this level captcha on your website, your website visitor will experience nearly no captcha on your website. If their behaviour is good, they can easily pass the captcha or it will not appear maximum time. But this will automatically prevent bot access on your website.
  • Moderate: This version is ensure more security from spam attack on your website. If you use moderate security on your website, it will display more captcha than the easy version.
  • Difficult: Passing this layer of security is nearly impossible for spammer, if you install this option on your website. This prevent auto-pass system and allow to block bots effectively.
  • Always On: If you enable this option, it will never auto-pass any user from your website. It will provide complex captcha and challenges for users to protect bot attack.

Free for Publishers: The main reason, I picked hCaptcha instead of Google ReCaptcha is it's free for publishers. The size is not matter, you can use it on your website. But if you want the enterprise version, you need to contact with the developer or you can request a quote.

Anti-bot Protection: World class anti-bot protection helps to keep the hCaptcha ( Human Captcha ) system anywhere of the world. It can easily identify anti-bots and force user to use the hCaptcha before they take any action on your website. Both you can use on your website pages and different forms as well.

Country Restriction: There is no country restriction on this captcha system. This works on any country over the world. So, you can use this captcha system with any kind of website, even with the country specific domain.

Advanced Reporting Features: Advanced reporting feature allows admin to get detailed report from the website. It helps to take necessary steps and prevent any kind of hack activity as well.

Final Words: Here I discussed about some cool features of hCaptcha system. You can check the website for more details and use on your website, if you found it helpful.

Why Self-Hosted Ecommerce Is Easier Than You Think

There are two reasons why the ecommerce industry is such an attractive destination for the average seller or entrepreneur: it’s incredibly rich, pushing brick-and-mortar retail ever more firmly into the history books, and it’s exceptionally easy to enter. The latter wouldn’t matter if people didn’t know about it, of course, and we can attribute that awareness to SaaS hosting providers offering one-stop solutions.

The message is a simple one: sign up with our service, and you’ll get a great store within hours with very little effort required. What’s more, the system will be kept updated for you, and you’ll always have excellent support. It’s easy to understand why people go for it, particularly when they don’t have any coding knowledge and fear the consequences of getting involved.

But that isn’t the only way to go, as you know: there’s also the option of self-hosted ecommerce, wherein you choose separate hosting to house a store you’ve assembled through an open-source CMS. To people who know very little about ecommerce, that sounds very intimidating, but it really shouldn’t: it’s actually a great option for experts and beginners alike.

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How To Play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Chrome Tricks

How To Play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Chrome Tricks

When you lose your internet connection suddenly & you have nothing to do, at that time this trick will help you a lot to pass your time with some enjoyment as well. This trick is to show you, how you can play dinosaur game in your Google Chrome browser. This will help you pass your leisure time also. This is quite funny, but you probably didn’t know the trick. This trick really helps me, whenever I lose my internet connection. So I decided to post a tutorial, how can you pass your boring time also. If you like the tricks, please share on your Facebook.

Best Free Tumblr Themes & Popular Theme Directories 2019

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Best Windows 7 Magic Trick To Scare Your Friend

Best Windows 7 Magic Trick To Scare Your Friend

This amazing window 7 tricks will help you making fun with your friends or family. They will be scared or surprised with this amazing tricks. When I apply these tricks, most of the people think, I am using folder lock software. They force me to tell them this amazing trick. I hope you will enjoy this amazing trick. This takes only 30 seconds to set up without using any software. You can use the snipping tool that is a built-in function with windows 7. Follow this step by step video tutorial to understand each & everything from scratch. Hope you will like the tricks! Please share in your facebook, if you like this video tutorial.

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How To Download Premium Images For Free To Use Commercially

Images are most important media that help you bloom your idea into reality.A perfect image in exact position always carry a great value and assist your displaying your idea properly and easily. As a start up graphic designer or web development company, It’s too much costly to buy premium images for every new design. Because when you are practicing, you should try a variety of images to test its accuracy and perfectness. If you use an image and later you realize, this is not the perfect image and you do not option to get a refund or you lost your point from membership website then this would be really worst thing. This hamper on effortless learning, so we decided to list some royalty-free websites that offer high-quality images free for designers.

Using high-quality images always ensure beautiful outlook and generating perfect conception about your design. This is the reason people always search high-quality images. But getting all good images together is also a big challenge and people search different sizes images as well. So feel up every single condition always big challenge and most of the designers choose the premium option to fill their demand maximum time. But if you follow this blog post, hope you are going to get some free image sources or websites that will help you finding best royalty-free images. We will list some website and their membership terms as well to assist you understanding and finding best images for your graphic design. Continue reading

Top 7 Google Product You Probably Didn’t Know

Google is a giant & popularly knowing company all over the world through internet service. If you are connected with WWW (World Wide Web), ), we are confirmed that know about Google. Because most of the internet user open their browser with Google Home Page. All important browser set Google as their homepage, thus most of the internet user start their browsing with Google. People often think Google only help them to get information online. But the true fact is, there have more than thirty products available that is categorized in seven different major categories. If you have started to read this informative post, don’t stop! Because we will add a short summary of all google product here.

Top 7 Google Product You Probably Didn’t Know

As a giant search engine, Google acquires more than sixty percent user who searches for information through the web. Google is a name of the trust to them and thus Google runs some necessary service for this vast audience. All of the service equally important to the user on that field. We will list all service name and short description for you. You probably using the same service from other company, but knowing about Google same service always insist you use Google product. Google divided their product into seven major categories, we also listing them category basis to assist you understanding them easily.

Top 7 Google Product You Probably Didn’t Know

Web Product : Google is popularly known for its web products. Web Search, Google Bookmark and Google Chrome – these products are under the “web product” category. Web Search is the identification of Google, this their major product. When someone talks about Google, they generally mean Google Web Search. Google changed the meaning of web search by dominating IT Sector. Now you can use the word “Googling” to mean – you are searching something through the internet. Continue reading