Best Free Tumblr Themes & Popular Theme Directories 2019

Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform. It’s a social media integrated platform. That means when someone creates a micro-blog in Tumblr, he gets the same facility on his website what he gets on a social media website. Tumblr has a social sharing option, comment system & like system as well. Your visitor can tweet, they can like your post with Facebook ID and share your content with Google plus ID.

Tumblr is full of feature & easy to maintain as well. If you already know, what is Tumblr & trying to choose a best Tumblr theme for your blog, portfolio, photography, fashion blog, video blog, company website or personal website – you are in right place! Stick around, we are going to list some minimal Tumblr themes, grid Tumblr themes, single column Tumblr themes, multi-column Tumblr themes, and video background Tumblr themes also. We listed all unique, simple & clean Tumblr themes to assist you finding a best Tumblr theme from popular Tumblr themes.

Best Free Tumblr Themes To Create Portfolio Photography or Blog Website

Tumblr allows the developer to create a single column & multi-column Tumblr themes. Thus there have lots of single-column & multi-column Tumblr themes available in Tumblr theme directories. You can use them to create a fashion blog, video blog, photography or artists website.

Observer Single column Tumblr Theme

Observer helps you highlighting your photos, text, and other media as well. This has two unique headers available, you can pick beautiful one between this two. Especially responsive design created for iPhone, Tab device or Android devices. Fully customizable header image, font, color & typography helps you creating stunning photography Tumblr website or portfolio website.

Tumblr Grid Themes Multi-Column Square Tumblr Theme

Square has an amazing grid system that allows you display your images in stunning look. You can create major pages like about, contact, gallery pages as well. Discuss comments system helps you getting a reaction from your readers and custom color helps to make your website beautiful & nice looking.

Minimal Tumblr Themes Impulse

Tumblr grid themes always help you creating nice looking fashion or photography websites. Impulse Tumblr theme is such a minimal Tumblr theme that helps you creating gallery type website. You can display your project, portfolio or images in a gallery style. Post border & post background helps to decorate your website more efficiently.

impuls theme

Minimal Tumblr themes For Writers – Apollo

Apollo is created for the long article writers. Though Tumblr is microblog platform, using Apollo Tumblr theme you can create stunning blog website. You can set big thumbnail image at the top of your content. This helps you with decorating your blog more beautiful & nice looking. Famous Tumblr people always choose unique Tumblr themes to create their Tumblr website. You can follow the most popular Tumblr blogs 2019 to get a good idea about making Tumblr website.


Ministry of Me – SEO Friendly Tumblr Theme

Ministry of Me is a meticulously crafted SEO friendly Tumblr theme. .Strong admin area helps you optimizing your Tumblr theme for search engine easily. This is a responsive theme that helps you decorating your content in a tiny place. You can set mobile data or large device content that helps to get more SEO advantage from your website. Infinite scroll system helps your reader getting an extra advantage to read every single content on the same page. All major social media integration & featured posts help you arranging your content in a beautiful manner.

tumblr theme

Next Saturday – Modern – Cute – Simple – Clean – Minimalist  Tumblr Theme

You will love this meticulously crafted cute Tumblr theme. It’s modern & unique design attracts readers easily. Clean & SEO friendly HTML codes help to load your Tumblr website easily. Next Saturday theme is responsive design Tumblr theme that fits on any device. All reader loves its amazing color & nice RSS system also. You can use tag & default time system with the advanced search term.

next saturday tumblr theme

Logic – Fancy Header Tumblr Theme for Health Blog

Logic is a modern design unique Tumblr theme that helps you creating a marvelous website for artists. Nice fancy header helps to make stunning header section and grid-style image display helps you creating a fashion blog or health blog as well. This helps you highlighting your media content & most importantly this is responsive design Tumblr theme that fits on any device, mobile, tab or desktop device also.

Logic Tumblr Theme

Callisto -Use Any Background Responsive Tumblr Themes

To display your idea with nice long graphic, Callisto can be best Tumblr theme. Large background with social sharing options, banner & avatar helps you creating unique design Tumblr theme for fashion blog or portfolio website as well. Callisto is responsive design Tumblr theme that fits on any mobile device or large devices like tab or desktop device also. As this theme created to display your media contents properly, this theme built with responsive Tumblr codes. All Tumblr theme HTML codes implement with w3c validation.

callisto wordpress theme

Blogit – Retina & Mobile Ready Tumblr Themes

The number of the mobile users are increasing day by day. In these days, the number of the mobile user is equal to desktop device comparing the data collected from internet. This is the reason people search mobile friendly Tumblr themes. Blogit free Tumblr themes HTML codes helps you creating retina & mobile ready Tumblr themes. This theme fits in any mobile device & highlight your content with no responsive issue. Different types of header style with dropdown header menu increase the cuteness of your Tumblr website. Scrolling down is easy, but back to the top is a time killing matter. This has a default “back to top” option that helps your visitors getting an extra advantage on your website.

blogit tumblr theme

Gardening – Minimalist Tumblr Themes Infinite Scroll

If you are searching a theme with the infinitely scrolling feature as like as facebook, you can use Gardening infinite scroll Tumblr theme. This will help you list all your content is the same page with scroll down option. Your visitor will scroll down to read contents, no need to change pages for getting older contents. Another important fact about Gardening theme is, it’s fully responsive & you can add medium size thumbnail image with drop shadow effect. This cute Tumblr theme helps you creating photography Tumblr blog for artists or photographers.

Gardening tumblr

VHX Theme Tumblr – Video Tumblr Theme

VHX Tumblr theme is another unique design minimalist Tumblr theme. This is a video Tumblr theme that is fully responsive. Full-width video section helps you creating meticulously crafted video blog. You can choose custom colors and video control system as well. Full width or customize layout video option gives an extra advantage to set up your Tumblr video blog easily & effectively. This is a perfect Tumblr theme for videographers.

VHX tumblr theme

Yuki Tumblr Theme – Free Tumblr Theme For Photographers

Yuki is perfect Tumblr theme for photographer or storyteller as well. You can create portfolio website or photo gallery using Yuki Tumblr theme. Masonry style images help you creating stunning design portfolio or gallery theme effortlessly. People love its stunning look to display any large or small images also. This helps you creating fashion blog for garments or company.

best tumblr theme

Wicked Tumblr Theme – Free Tumblr Theme For Fashion Blog

Wicked is perfect to create Tumblr fashion blog for its beautiful front page. You can display your fashion kit & add a blog section to make this functional as well. This grid system Tumblr theme helps you creating beautiful Tumblr website for a fashion house or garments also. Thumbnail image has default share & love option that helps to engage your reader easily.

wicked tumblr theme

Orange Pop Tumblr Theme – Free Tumblr Theme For Fitness Blog

To create your fitness blog or website Orange Pop can be a good Tumblr theme. This theme has all necessary features available that will help you write details fitness post with a big banner or header image. This helps you decorating your fitness Tumblr theme easily & effectively. You can create all major pages on your Tumblr blog.

Orange Pop Tumblr Theme

Wallstocker  Tumblr Theme – Free Tumblr Theme For Portfolio Website

Wallstocker is designed to create Tumblr portfolio blog or websites. You can display your projects with social media buttons. Your readers can like, comment & share your project or work. Wallstocker is responsive design Tumblr theme that allows your reader visit your portfolio website from a mobile device as well. Wallstocker will display your images or any media content perfectly on any device. Its stunning design helps you displaying your portfolio easily & perfectly.

wallstocker tumblr theme

Bandwagon Tumblr Theme – Free Tumblr Theme For Music Website

Bandwagon Tumblr theme helps you creating music website from scratch. Your visitor can search any music using advanced search system & album or singer as well. There have lots of options available with all social media integration. Setting custom theme color make your Tumblr theme more beautiful & cute looking. To create your first Tumblr music website or music library, Bandwagon can be perfect Tumblr theme.

 tumblr theme

Isometric Theme Tumblr Theme – Free Tumblr Theme For Photo Album Website

To create your photo album Tumblr website Isometric theme can be a good solution. It’s totally free photo album creating Tumblr theme that can assist you displaying your photo album online for free. Amazing header slider helps to display selective images. Also, custom color & header background helps to create stunning design Tumblr theme. You can use tags & social media parts that will help you decorating your website more efficiently.

Isometric tumblr theme

Alva Tumblr Theme – Free Tumblr Theme For Magazine Website

To create magazine Tumblr blog or website Alva theme is perfect Tumblr theme. We review some popular magazine Tumblr theme & found Alva theme perfect for creating stunning design magazine website in Tumblr platform. Tumblr CMS (Content Management System) helps you creating a social media integrated magazine website easily & perfectly. You can create your magazine website from scratch. If you use Alva Tumblr theme, you can integrate both video & images to decorate your homepage with a beautiful graphic.

VOID tumblr theme

Steamblr Theme Tumblr Theme – Free Tumblr Theme For Gaming Website

What can be a perfect Tumblr theme than Steamblr Tumblr theme? This is perfect gaming Tumblr theme because all necessary fields required for a gaming website is present in this meticulously crafted Tumblr theme. All major social media integration with custom colors helps you creating stunning Tumblr gaming website. Disqus comment system helps to get visitor response easily & effectively. Customize menu helps you creating major pages & links in your gaming Tumblr website.

steamblr tumblr theme

Duckbill Free Tumblr Theme For Travel Blog With Disqus Comments

Duckbill Tumblr theme is perfect Tumblr theme to build your travel Tumblr blog with all major social media integration. You can post your content in different categories in a single column or multi-column as well. Easy enable or disable widget section helps you get extra advantage from your Tumblr travel blog. You can use custom background or color on your responsive Tumblr theme. Most importantly this theme has default Disqus comment system that allows people to communicate with your easily. High-quality images & font awesome icons help you decorating your travel blog more efficiently. Google analytics helps to get exact data of your visitors.

duckbill tumblr theme

Ethanol – Vintage looks Popular Tumblr Themes

Header social media integration with custom color made Ethanol Tumblr theme more important to website owners. Ethanol Tumblr theme helps you creating responsive design website. You can install Google analytics 7 customer header images also. This increases the beauty of your website. You can hide header or page section to decorate your Tumblr website more conveniently.

Minelienda – Social Media Hub Minimalist Tumblr Theme

Minelienda is a minimalistic social media hub Tumblr theme. You can integrate any social media on your Tumblr website using Minelienda Tumblr theme. Choosing custom color & image helps to make more beautiful looking Tumblr social media website. Easy ON/OFF feature for slider helps to prepare retina ready Tumblr website. You can integrate twitter, Instagram or any social media with full fluid width.

mineleninda tumblr theme

Cookbook  Tumblr Theme For Restaurant Website

Aptly named, Cookbook! Cookbook Tumblr restaurant theme is designed to create restaurant website in Tumblr platform. We searched free restaurant Tumblr themes online. Even in multiple directories as well. But unfortunately, we did not find any free restaurant theme. If you want to build restaurant theme using Tumblr platform, Cookbook can be a good option. Cookbook Tumblr theme has all necessary feature to make your restaurant Tumblr website memorable. All post format supported theme & custom colors helps you decorating your restaurant theme properly.

Cookbook tumblr theme

Popular Tumblr Theme Directories 2019

Max Davis Tumblr Theme Directory

Among the Tumblr directories Max Davis themes are popular for its simple design & unique style as well. You can find single column theme or multi-column responsive theme as well. All are Modern, Cute, Simple, Clean & Minimalist Tumblr theme. So people always like Max Davis Tumblr themes. If you are searching Tumblr themes, you should visit Max Davis Tumblr theme directory to find a best Tumblr theme for you.

popular tumblr theme

 The Theme Directory – Free Tumblr Theme Directory

If you are searching a directory to compare some good Tumblr theme. The theme directory is a good place. You will find a maximum number of Tumblr theme in a tiny place that will help you comparing all major Tumblr themes. The theme directory has a tutorial section for beginners.Nice advertising section for Tumblr theme developers & you can order custom Tumblr theme with your specifications as well. W3C valid codes help you getting SEO friendly Tumblr themes from this directory.

free tumblr themes

Free Tumblr Themes HTML Codes

If you are searching free Tumblr theme HTML codes free tutorial, you can visit Yukoki Tumblr theme tutorial section. This will help you learning basic HTML coding & basic style options of Tumblr themes. Understanding basic codes always gives you an extra advantage when you are developing your Tumblr website without coding knowledge. If you learn basic HTML codes, you can update your website more conveniently.

Wrapping It Up: In a nutshell, finding best Tumblr theme depends on many matters. You demand, requirement & the purpose of the building is different from another Tumblr website owner. For finding a best Tumblr theme, you must consider your requirement first. We listed few popular Tumblr theme in multiple categories. You can visit more Tumblr directories to get a perfect Tumblr theme for your website.

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