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My name is Muhibul! I would like to define myself as an enthusiastic, hard-working, self-motivated Internet Marketer & an expert WordPress Developer. I love to write and code. Please contact me, if you have any question related to WordPress or Web Development.

How To Add A Call To Action Button in WordPress

The Button helps to get quick leads for your service is called Call to Action button. We often notice some catchy button on websites that holding text “Buy Now”, “Get the Price” and other this type of buttons we consider as Call to Action Button.

If you are not getting good conversion for your services, this can be a reason, you did not place the CTA button properly or it’s not good enough to grab user attention. So I decided to give you a quick guide, how you can create a catchy call to action button for your website.

Call to Action button always increase the sale & help you to beautify your WordPress website as well. Thus people love to use stunning buttons as call-to-action button.

How To Add A Call-To-Action Button in WordPress Websites To Increase Sales

In this video tutorial, you are going to learn – How to include amazing call-to-action button on your WordPress website. This step by step video tutorial made by Katrinah Will assist you to learn everything from scratch. You can use this method to include any kind of button on your website easily and effectively by using shortcodes.

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How To Protect A WordPress Website From Hackers

How To Protect A WordPress Website From Hackers

We added Top 10 Security Tips for your WordPress Website to assist you protecting your WordPress website. People often ask is WordPress a secure platform? The answer is yes. Our suggestion to protect your website, you must follow some security steps that will assist you not to steal your website access or content by hackers. This video by Katrinah will help you understanding each & everything necessary to learn from scratch. This step by step video tutorial will teach you 10 basic things you need to learn & must implement on your WordPress website.

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How To Stop Video Auto Play In Facebook 2019

How To Stop Videos Auto Play In Facebook 2019

How To stop Autoplay On Facebook

When we use mobile internet package with slow internet connection & facebook automatically start loading video’s, this increase our heartbeat most of the time. People always search for stopping this worst thing. If you are trying to stop facebook auto load option as well, this might your ultimate solution. So watch the video carefully and follow the step by step guide to stop auto-play facebook option. This tutorial also cover some popular search term from Google. Continue reading


How To Enable Comment Section In WordPress Website

How To Enable Comment Section In WordPress Website 2019

Enable comment section in WordPress is a sensible work & you must understand every single element properly. Because enable or disable any single feature will effect on your WordPress website vastly. The impact of enabling or disable an option can add extra advantage or disadvantage as well. Enable comment section sometimes makes your website impossible to read, as so many spam comment comes through comment section & website owners really hate spam comments. Modifying every single comment from tons of spam comment is always a hard task. So you should enable your comment section following this amazing video tutorial that will help you getting the valuable comment from original readers only.

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How To Solve The Page Not Found Error in WordPress

How To Solve The Page Not Found Error in WordPress

Sometimes WordPress show 404 page not found the problem even you have that page exists. Few notice this error when they type wrong URL or Link on the address bar. Such as a URL Should be, but accidentally your visitor typing This will give you 404 error without any doubt. Thus we decided to post a video tutorial that will help you solving this SEO. Even your visitor type a wrong address in their address bar. Stick around & watch the video tutorial to learn – how to fix “404 not found” problem in WordPress website.

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How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings

How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings

Moving your website from one CMS (Content Management System) to another is always donkey task and people always scare about losing their Google Raking. This can be an ultimate solution for moving your website from blogger to WordPress without losing your Google Ranking. Follow this video tutorial to learn everything. This amazing video tutorial will help you understanding each & everything of moving your website from scratch. Blogspot is good CMS, but WordPress offer more customization and premium facilities that help a website owner to edit every single element of their website without any coding knowledge.

Why is WordPress Best CMS?

  • Thousands & Millions WordPress Developer Pushing WordPress Ahead
  • They invent & implement new feature on WordPress – They do professionally
  • As many WordPress developer works professionally, you can expect good work
  • You can edit WordPress website visually, click & edit or drag-drop
  • There are lots of WordPress theme that gives stunning look
  • Much affordable than developing a custom PHP Website
  • People can edit without learning codings such as HTML or PHP
  • More SEO Friendly – Google loves WordPress Website

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How to Send Email to All Registered Users in WordPress

How to Send Email to All Registered Users in WordPress

Getting all information of registered user and ping them often is necessary always to keep them active on your website. But finding the information all together is always complex work to many people. Thus we decided to post a video tutorial created by WPBeginner. Hope this will assist you understanding each & everything about installing “Email Users” Plugin & how to use it. If you follow this simple method, you can send an email to your registered users easily from your WordPress dashboard.

Features of WordPress Email Users Plugin

  • Send Email as HTML or Plain Text Format
  • Users Can Send Personal Emails As well
  • Easy Dashboard Section to Maintain
  • Send Individual Email or Group Email
  • Use To Notify New Post or Any News
  • Compatible with WordPress Latest Version
  • Amazing Admin Area – Typography
  • You can request update any section on plugin

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How To Make WordPress Website Using BeTheme 2019


Using a WordPress website using BeTheme WordPress theme is a matter of minutes. You can drag-drop & click-edit to develop your Website without any coding knowledge. BeTheme WordPress theme is among the best selling item in WordPress theme category. So you are getting best WordPress theme for building your website as well. Features of beTheme always insist people use this stunning theme on their website.

As tons of feature already added on beTheme to make this more functional, you might feel confusion what option will reach you on exact position, you want to edit or modify. This video tutorial will assist you understanding each & everything about beTheme – from scratch to make a fully functional website as well. Stick around and follow every single step to learn proper customization using beTheme WordPress theme.

Features of BeTheme WordPress Theme

  • More than 230+ pre-built Demo Design – just click & install
  • Visual Editing System – You can click & edit any section
  • One click demo installation service that helps to prepare your website quick
  • Click & Upload Images or any content
  • Premium plugin included with the package that will charge more if you buy separately
  • More than 20+ customizable header section
  • SEO Ready WordPress theme that helps you getting SEO-friendly website easily

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How to Remove Comments From Your WordPress Site Completely

If you are a webmaster, you must know how marketing guys make non-sense comment on your website almost everyday!

This is really annoying and alarming issue that every webmaster wants to avoid. Of course, you love to get appreciation from your readers & help them as well. 

But getting non-sense comments on your blog post make it worthless and other readers also feel uncomfortable to read those comments. 

If you are a sufferer like me & searching a way to prevent non-sense marketers to comment on your website, you are in the right place to learn how to stop comments on your WordPress Blog or Website?

How to Disable Leave a Reply or Comments form WordPress Pages & Posts?

Well, there are multiple possible ways that might help you removing comments from your WordPress blog. In this post, I am going to discuss all possible ways to stop commenting system from your WordPress blog.

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How To Make A WordPress Website Using Divi Theme 2019

Divi WordPress Website Builder Tutorial 2017

How To Make A WordPress Website Using Divi Theme 2019

Building a WordPress website using Divi theme is much easier than other themes. Divi theme has amazing page building facility that ensures editing your website visually. Just drag-drop or click on edit section. You can build your website without any coding knowledge. This video tutorial will help you learning each & everything about operating Divi theme. You can build a WordPress website from scratch using Divi 3.0 version.

Why Divi WordPress Theme is Best?

Divi WordPress theme is number one selling item among all WordPress themes. Premium customer service and amazing functionality made this theme popular and compelling to customers and they are very satisfied after using Divi theme.