Advantages and Disadvantages of Drupal Content Management System

Developing a website using Content Management System ( CMS ) always adds extra advantage for both – Web Developer and Website User. The developer gets some feature already developed, and the user gets the friendly environment to manage the website without any programming knowledge. In this post, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Drupal CMS. Before you read this post, you must know what is Drupal CMS?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drupal Content Management System

Some popular website like Harvard, Ubuntu and Sony Music is using Drupal CMS. Drupal is popular and unbeatable day after day. Webmasters and bloggers are using Drupal to build their website, and this is available in 182 languages. 228 countries are using Drupal to create their website online.

All the popular CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Shopify has some advantage and disadvantages as well. Knowing the pros and cons of Drupal will help you manage your Drupal website more conveniently.

Advantages of Drupal Content Management System

Strong And Powerful Control Panel: Drupal admin panel is strong for both – Admin and User. Most of the people use Drupal for its huge functionality in the admin panel. Each and every step is highly customizable, and admin can set permission for his users. A group of people can manage the same website with different role, permission, designation and editing power. Different theme changes the layout of the website and looks at the website changes totally. Different types of user play a different role to develop and maintain the website.

Dynamic Design and Management System: Using Drupal CMS allows you to create dynamic website in few hour or minutes. Most of the part is pre-developed, and you need few minutes to setup your website. Uploading your content, replacing demo content needs few more minutes. Thus you can setup a fully professional website below 30 minutes if you are professional at Drupal CMS.

Content Types of Drupal: Drupal allows you are creating all major types of content on your website. You can create Poll, Podcast, Revisions, Video Post, Image Gallery or Download Post as well. The advantage of posting different types of content attracts people to build their website in Drupal CMS.

Easy Adjustable Feature: The layout of the website is important and Drupal has a flexible layout. When you post different types of content, you need best layout and adjustment for your content. People choose Drupal for its convenient features and adjusting features.

All Major Features Available: Drupal in being unbeatable for its features and advantages. Whatever feature other CMS providing, you will get available in Drupal. You can create multi-site, setting up RSS-Feed and Custom page and many.

Perfect For Personal Blogs and Professional Website: Both personal and professional website can be created using Drupal content management system. Drupal has blog layout theme as well as professional layout theme. Installing different themes helps you create different types of website easily.

Different Types of Website Building Tools: Different types of tools like web template and plugin feature is available in Drupal. You can install themes and plugins to build your website and get necessary advantages on your website.

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Disadvantages of Drupal Content Management System

Too Many Options: Drupal has all the necessary options in the admin panel that make non-technical guy confused. All the necessary features and functionality you can get in Drupal but understanding the features is important as well. Admin can create users with less facility, but that is not a solution. You need good web development or website management knowledge to maintain Drupal website.

Compatibility Issue: Drupal is not functional with some popular software that is a drawback of Drupal CMS. Drupal CMS is gradually building all necessary features and comparing with other CMS they are adding all necessary features.

High Configuration Required To Install: To install Drupal, you must need high configuration hosting. When some other CMS is compatible in any hosting and management is easy, Drupal gets a negative point in this issue.

Update The Software: Updating the version and other software is critical in Drupal CMS. Understanding the system requirement is hard, and most of the member is developing their website, but not contributing for the community.

Difficult To Install: Installing the Drupal CMS is hard always and most of the time you need expert help to maintain the website. Thus most of the people feel repulsion in Drupal CMS.

Final Words: Drupal is known for its strong and high functional admin panel. But understanding the features is difficult for many people. Considering all advantages and drawbacks, Drupal is improving day by day. You must consider all the features carefully to make your website worthy.

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