How to Add FAQs to Your WordPress Website?

Adding FAQ section on your website helps your readers to get answered before they ask any question. If you are searching a possible way to add FAQs on your WordPress website, here is the method you can follow. In this post I will show how to add FAQ on your website using a simple plugins called "WPB Advanced FAQ".

You don't need to learn any programming to add FAQ section on your website. Installing the WPB Advanced FAQ plugin will help you to add FAQs on your website effectively. You can add or remove frequently asked questions on your website from the dashboard.


Step 1: Download the WordPress Plugins WPB Advanced FAQ from the WordPress directory. We will use the plugins on our website to activate frequently asked question section on our website. 

Download WPB Advanced FAQ

Step 2: Go to Add New from Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard. From the Plugins>Add New, you can easily install downloaded WordPress plugins. Activate the plugins after activate.

Step 3: Add FAQs from the dashboard. You can add multiple FAQs on your website. You must add them category wise. This will help you to display depending on the category.

Step 4: Collect Short codes of a specific category to display on your website. Create a FAQ page and add the short code to display frequently asked questions on your website.

Step 5: You can change the style of FAQs from the FAQ settings section. Change the color, style, font-size and other typography to make it compatible with your WordPress theme.

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