How to Add Captcha in Contact Form 7 WordPress?

If you get so many unwanted email from your website contact form, possibly most of them are coming from robots. You can install Recaptcha Version 2 or Version 3 on your website to prevent spam email from your website. This will reduce the number of unwanted email coming from any WordPress Website. 

Installing the Recaptcha Version 2 will add "I'm not a robot" verification system on your website. Before anyone send an email to you, they need to pass the human verification. Also, you can add similar system on your website comment box. This will help you to prevent unwanted activity on your website.

How to Add I'm Not a Robot Verification on WordPress Contact Form 7?

You can easily add I'm not a robot verification method on your WordPress website using a simple plugins Contact Form 7 Recaptcha. To activate the security system, you just need a Secret Key and a Security Key. Adding the recaptcha system will help you to prevent suspicious activity on your website. No, robots will able to send any email through the website contact form.


Steps to Add Recaptcha Version 2 on a WordPress Website

Step 1: Download and Install the Contact Form 7 Recaptcha Plugins. This will reduce the hard work of API integration on your website. You just need to add security key and secret key on the plugins.

Step 2: Visit the Recaptcha Admin Panel and add your website to collect the secret key and security key. Adding the website in recaptcha admin panel is super easy. Select recaptcha v2 and I'm not a robot verification.

add recaptcha in wordpress contact form 7

Step 3: After adding the site on recaptcha admin panel, you will get the keys. Collect and come back to your website admin panel. Add the keys in the plugins and save the plugins.

Step 4: Collect the plugins short code and add it to the contact form. Add the code just before the submit button. 

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