How to Add Author Box or Image In WordPress Post Using Simple Author Plugins?

An author box helps to increase the authenticity of a post and increase the beauty of your website as well. Most of the WordPress theme author box does not come with a beautiful design. Only the latest design newspaper themes comes with beautiful author box.

But if you want to add an author box on your blog or other websites, You can install simple author box plugins. You can change the style of author box, color, font and background as well. Let's learn the steps to add an author box in a WordPress website.


How to Add Author Box in WordPress Website?

Step 1: From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins Section. Then go to Add New option to install the author box plugins. We are using Simple Author Box Plugins in this tutorial.

Step 2: Search the Plugins "Simple Author Box" in the plugins directory. Then install the plugins Simple Author Box. If you don't find the plugins on your dashboard, you can download the plugins from WordPress Plugins Directory.

Download Simple Author Box Plugins

Step 3: Install & Activate the plugins. After activating the plugins, you will able to edit all the features on your website. This will help you to add excellent design author box on your website. You can add customized author photo as well.

Step 4: Update the author information, social information, image and style of the author box. You can update all the typography option to display your information on author box.

Step 5: After the beautification, hit the save button. If you again visit the post section, it will automatically display the author box below the post. You can also display the author box in the widget section.

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