How do I Add Animation Effects on My WordPress Site?

If you want excellent animation effects on your WordPress website, this post will help you to add excellent Flip, Bounce, Flash and Pulse effects on your website. You don't need to learn any programming to add Flip, Bounce, Flash and Pulse effect on your website. This is super easy to add on WordPress website.

You just need to install a plugins and this will help you to add add cool effects on your website effectively. The plugins you can download from WordPress directory for free. It will take less than 3 minutes to set up everything from the scratch. This will add animation option on your post editor.


How to Add Flip, Bounce, Flash and Pulse Effects on WordPress?

Step 1: Go to WordPress Dashboard and then Plugins > Add New. This will help you to add new plugins on your website easily. Also, you can upload the plugins in the plugins directory on the hosting control panel.

Step 2: Search the Plugins "Animate It" on the plugins page. If you want to upload the plugins directly to your hosting, you have to download the plugins for the given link below. 

Download Animate It Plugins

Step 3: After installing the plugins, click on the activate button. This will make the plugins fully functional on your website. You can then use all the features of the plugins on your website.

Step 4: Edit or create a new post on your website. You will find a button on your post editor. Use the button to add your desired short code on your website. You have to add your content in the middle of short code.

Step 5: Once you are done with styling and formatting, save the post and visit. All of the content you added animation will be animated when you load the page or post.

Note: This plugins does not work with the Gutenberg editor till the posting date. You can install the Classic Editor WordPress Plugins to make the Animate It plugins functional.

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