5 of the Best Survey Software (Compared)

Survey and polls are common thing to modern people to judge something in a smart way! Surprisingly, you can add a survey and poll system on your WordPress website using survey software or plugins.

But the fact is adding a survey or poll in a website is not easy for many reason. You won't find available free plugins that allows you maximum customization. Thus, I decided to talk on this topic and listed the best survey software's here.

Following this list, you can find the best survey software for your website and setup it easily. A plugins like WPForms allows you to create flexible dynamic forms effectively without learning any coding or programming. So, lets dive into the list.


List of Top 5 Best Survey Software 2021

WPForms: Though we all know WPForms is a contact form builder, but it comes with maximum customization features for website owners. You cane easily customize the form and add poll or survey system on your website.

Additionally, you can add text ratings, likert scale, NPS Score system and lot other features on your form. This Survey Plugins allows you to track all the user activities from the admin dashboard.

After a quick research, I find it really handy for the people who wants to avoid programming while building their website. So, you must review the features before you choose the best survey software for you.

WPForms Survey Software Features

Formidable Forms: Formidable Forms is another powerful form builder for the people who wants to build powerful polling system on their website. Over the three million people are using this form on their website as this is highly customizable. You can also create calculation and quiz system using this form plugins.

If you are searching a good survey system, you can check the features of Formidable as well.

Check the Features of Formidable

CrowdSignal: CrowdSignal is specially build survey software for WordPress. It's basically a plugins that allows you creating attractive forms for your website. Using their API system you can store data and manage all the data of your website.

CrowdSignal allows you to create captcha system on your form or polls. This basically protect spam activity on your website. Only human can participate on the polling or survey system. Advanced result tracking and sharing system make this form unique.

Check the Features of CrowdSignal Form Builder

Gravity Form: If you are WordPress user, you must know about the Gravity Forms. This allows people to create attractive contact forms. You can create charts, graphs and lot more thing using this form builder.

Using this form you can build polling system on your website as well. It will help you maintain all the data in a clever way. You just need to understand the plugins functionality and implement the features when you need.

Check the Features of Gravity Forms

WP-Polls: Another poll builder for WordPress websites. You will able to make different type of polls using some pre-build templates. Though, it allow you building basic poll forms, but it can fullfill most of your requirements. Thus, I suggest you to check the features carefully and give a try.

Using the templates you can save your time on building powerful form or quizzes. As this is a free plugins from WordPress directory, anyone can use it on their website.

Check the Features of WP-Polls

Final Words: Here I listed top 5 best survey software and plugins list to help you finding the perfect one. Considering all the customization features, I recommend WPForms to use. Because this will allow you building powerful survey form for your website.

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