10 Reasons You Should Choose Bluehost Hosting

When you want to make a decision about purchasing a web hosting, you need to research about hosting companies and keep few important things in your mind. Price is a big considerable fact while choosing hosting company

But features of hosting is more important than price. Do you know what features are important for a hosting? It’s hard to identify good hosting if you are not a technical person.

The most important decision for any website is to choose a good hosting company. But for the beginners, it’s not an easy task to choose. Many companies offer hosting services, and every company has the best claim.

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All of them offer unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, 0% Downtime, 24/7 technical support and promise about the comfort of use.

You must have ten essential features of your hosting company. Let’s review what are some important features that should be on your web hosting? Knowing these features will help you identify best hosting effortlessly.

In this case, the Blue Host hosting company can be a good solution for you.


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User-Friendly cPanel Control Panel:

Control panel is a most important feature that helps to control your website.  Few important task like email address setting, database management, file manager and more you can do from the control panel.

Your hosting provider provides the cPanel so that you can do all routine works quickly, easily and effectively. Bluehost offers all these advantages together.

One Click Script Installation:

A good hosting company must offer one-click auto installer for popular programs. Few web platforms like WordPress, Joomla is hard to install as a beginner. But programs like Fantastico can be easily installed.

Check whether your hosting company offers easy 1-click installer like Fantastico, Softaculas, etc. If they don’t offer, then I will suggest you choose another hosting company. Bluehost offer softaculous service with shared hosting.

24/7 Customer Support:

bluehost customer support

You will need technical support 24 hours a day and seven days a week, no matter how much you know or not.

Good web hosting companies have multiple options for technical support. They usually offer toll-free numbers, email support, ticket system and live chat. Moreover, many companies have knowledge database tutorials that help to solve your problem.

Bluehost has 24/7 ticket and phone support. Also, 12 hours live chat support is available.

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Data Backup Option:

Any time your website can crash, and all the data can be hacked in front of your eyes. That's why you need data backup options. It is not an optional issue, but it’s essential.

Almost all web hosting companies offer different backups such as Bluehost, even they offer free daily backup. So, check if your hosting company is offering full backup on a regular basis for the site. Bluehost offers auto backup for every server.

Custom Email Address:

custom email address

For any web business, you will need an email address for your site. You need to check whether your hosting company is supporting email or not? You need to check whether the email has a limit on the number of accounts or not?

Some companies offer very few email spaces. If you need more email spaces what they offered, then choose the right hosting company. Bluehost offers unlimited free email addresses.

FTP Access:

Your website's data and files will only be shown on the Internet when they are uploaded to a hosting site. You can use your hosting company upload feature. But this is a waste of time because only one file can be uploaded every single time.

Using an FTP account can get rid of this problem. FTP accounts easily transfer files from your computer to hosting. So check hosting before buy, check whether your hosting company is providing FTP access or not?

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Refund Policy:

Check the money back guarantee offer of hosting company. Try to know, if they charge any cancellation fee or they refund full money, If you cancel your hosting after the end of trial period.

Choose a hosting site that offers 100% money back guarantee without any cancellation fee. The best is if a company offers a pro-rated refund after the trial period.

Bluehost consider 30 days money back without asking any question on shared hosting.

Add-on Domain Opportunity: 

blue host addon domain

Now almost everyone uses multiple domains for different needs. If you do not have multiple domains, you will need it in the future. So before signing up for a hosting company, make sure you can host multiple domains or not?

Many companies offer unlimited SSD hosting, but small and bad companies have domain limit. So choose a hosting company that offers unlimited domain.

All of our packages have Add-on domain. The starter package is the lowest 3.

Server Upgrade Options:

Regarding the Unlimited space and bandwidth, don’t believe companies what they are saying in the advertisement. In shared hosting, you need to share bandwidth with other sites.

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Shared hosting is very good for the start up websites, but when your site is in progress, you need to upgrade it to a dedicated server or VPS server. Upgrades will give you more memory, storage, and power.

So make sure that they have server upgrade options when choosing hosting companies. Besides package upgrade, server upgrade is available in Bluehost.

Server Uptime Guarantee:

Many people avoid this option. If your site is down, then no one will see it. Search engines such as Google users, if they can’t access your site, they will leave your website to find others.

At present, server up time standard is 99.9%. Please choose a hosting that offers server up time guarantee.

Final Words:

When purchasing the hosting, keep these ten features in your mind. You can avoid problems if you purchase the hosting with proper planning.

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